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Sailing is a lot more than just a sports discipline or tourist attraction. Throughout the years it has become a sport of millions, a lifestyle and, for some, a way of life. Exploring the world of water is character-building, teaches humility but most of all – gives extreme pleasure to those that decide to spend their lives in its company. The sense of freedom and being close to the two elements – water and wind, can’t be explored better anywhere, but on a yacht. In this regard, Pomorskie has a lot to offer. Close proximity to the sea, plethora of lakes and an extensive river network are best friends to sea and inland sailing as well as ice boats, which also have a lot of fans.

You can try out sea sailing both on the waters of the Bay of Gdańśk, as well as in open sea: Hel Peninsula and Vistula Spit – the options are almost unlimited. The Bay of Gdańsk, a “vestibule” of the Baltic Sea, is an ideal spot for both sailing greenhorns in taking their first steps, as well as recreation for the more experienced. For hardcore pros, there is the open sea with its strong wind and unforgettable memories.

Inland sailing is mostly about Kashubia and Żuławy Wiślane regions. Traversing Kashubian numerous lakes will not be a bore. Charzykowskie lake with the oldest Polish yacht club is connected by a fragment of Brda river with lakes Długie and Karsińskie, which stretch for about 2.039 ha. This puts them on the 12th place in Poland in terms of size. The latter allows, via Brda river, for further travel to lakes: Witoczno, Łąckie, Płęsno, Kosobudno and Dybrzyk. A substantial water body is also Wdzydze lake, often referred to as “the Kashubian Sea”, Great Water or Szerzawa. It is located in the Kościerzyna county. Wdzydze lake is connected to four others: Radolne, Gołuń, Jelenie and Słupinko. It gives a total of 1570,3 ha worth of sailing. Another grand opportunity for sailing experience is brought to you by the Żuławy Loop (Pętla Żuławska), a magnificent and picturesque waterway that connects the water trails of the Vistula, Dead Vistula (Martwa Wisła), Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka, Nogat and Śmiała Wisła rivers, the Grand Holy – Tuga, Motława, Jagiellonian Channel, the rivers Elbląg and Pasłęk as well as the waters of the Vistula Lagoon. It’s 303 km of unforgettable adventure, which can be done by a canoe, yacht, motorboat or a houseboat.

Ice boats, on the other hand, is a fascinating and spectacular sailing discipline that can be practiced in winter, when the lakes are covered with a thick ice layer. This sport dates back to the 17th century Netherlands. It then spread to Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia, Russia and Poland. Pomorskie actively develops its ice boat experience by organizing numerous periodic regattas and sports events. It’s an activity for people who like being challenged and enjoy speed, wind and the sense of freedom. Only in Pomorskie all those are within your hand’s reach.

fot: Robert Hajduk – ShutterSail.com

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