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The Raspberry Garden’s Amber Menu is inspired by the Gold of North and has been developed by the restaurant’s chef in collaboration with the Amber Museum. The restaurant’s owners recommend you take a tour of Gdańsk, starting from the Amber Altar in St Bridget’s Basilica, followed by a visit to the Amber Museum, the amber Mariacka street and the Blue Lion Archaeology Education Centre, with the finale at the Restaurant, where you can taste amber-inspired dishes. By using honey, maple syrup, golden roux, etc. the meals gain a specific colour, making an explicit reference to the mineral. Amber Lunch is served from 13:00 to 17:00 and caters to both organized groups and individuals.


Łąkowa 1-2, Gdańsk

Phone. + 48 58 326 06 03

e-mail: dommuzyka@malinowyogrod.pl


Łąkowa 1-2, Gdańsk

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