Atelier Smaku Culinary Workshop


Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak are the authors of cookbooks and series of cooking shows for Kuchnia+ and They are ardent advocates of vegan, gluten-free cuisine with great passion and artistic creativity, traits typical of fashion designers. This is why they established Atelier Smaku (The Atelier of Taste), a unique, private and professionally equipped cooking school, where both amateurs and professionals will find culinary shows and workshops. It is a safe haven for those who appreciate aromatic cuisine, filled with the scent of fresh herbs. For years, the designers have used Baltic amber in their fashion shows. Its colour inspires them in the kitchen as well, which is why their agenda of culinary workshops includes an amber menu. Workshop dates are available at:


Sosnowiecka 35, Gdynia

Phone. 501 155 238


[mapa]Sosnowiecka 35, Gdynia[/mapa]


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