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In November the Americans serve turkey for Thanksgiving and in Poland we serve goose for The Independence Day dinner. Goose meat is at its best in the month of November. We highly recommend choosing a local product, from a farm that respects the Polish tradition. This is exactly what you can find in Winne Grono restaurant in Gdansk.

There is a Polish saying that can be translated as ” on Saint Martin’s day let’s eat goose meat and pray”. The origin of that saying is deeply rooted in the Polish tradition, as well as in the history of our region. In the past, in the Pomorskie region the goose meat was served in the mid-November and the tradition is worth continuing.

Winne Grono Restaurant Mikołaja Kopernika 17A, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.winnegrono.com.pl restauracja@winnegrono.com.pl +48 602 218 817

In Winne Grono restaurant, which is famous for its respect for the local produce and serves meat with the Native Breed certificate, you can taste the white Kołudzka goose from a reliable Polish supplier. ‘Reliable’ in this case means the one that makes sure the goose is well taken care of, happy and well fed. Such goose meat does not need any more recommendation to satisfy you with its distinctive flavour. It is tender, yet sufficiently greasy. Genuine and authentic, impossible to imitate.

Goose dish in Winne Grono Restaurant

In the November menu of Winne Grono you can find such dishes as: Kołudzka goose soup with egg drop noodles, goose broth with turnip and marjoram croutons, goose blood soup with egg drop noodles thickened with dried fruit and the main course: Kołudzka goose breast with red cabbage, Silesian noodles and cherry sauce. There are also: a salad with stir-fried pink goose breast, vegetables and goose lard vinaigrette dressing, salted goose breast carpaccio with blueberry sauce and herby crème fraiche as well as à la foie gras pate – the taste is just as spectacular, but the important difference is that it is 100% cruelty-free. And if you have a sweet tooth and a sense of humour – we recommend the dessert called “goose bigos with dried fruit sauce and no cabbage” If you wish to taste those delicacies, hurry up. Kołudzka goose is a premium product, its availability is limited. When it disappears from the menu, the next chance to taste it will be only next year.

Goose in Gdańsk in Pomeranian
Goose meat in Gdańsk restaurant in Pomeranian

And if you want to celebrate the extended November weekend and try the best goose meat – you cannot miss The Goose Festival at The Swołowo Museum, taking place between 10th and 12th of November. The event features such attractions as: tasting of goose dishes and preserves, the local farmers’ market, cooking shows, goose down tearing and live music performances. Other restaurants where you can try delicious goose meat on St.Martin’a Day are: Brovarnia, Butchery&Wine, Dym na Wodzie [Smoke on The Water], Mercato, Biały Królik [White Rabbit] and Polskie Smaki [Polish Flavours].

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