A strawberry frenzy

The Kashubian strawberry is on top in Pomorskie in June

Juicy, very red, and not too sweet, simply the only one of its kind – the Kashubian strawberry is one of the greatest fruit treasures of Pomorskie. It can be eaten in a number of different ways. It works both in a classic form, i.e. with sugar and cream, as well as in more refined versions as a complement to meat and fish dishes, spicy mousse, or in a variety of salads and desserts. And how is the Kashubian strawberry served in restaurants in Pomorskie?

Although a lot of you may not believe your eyes, the Kashubian strawberry works well in smart dishes.

The chef of the Gdański Bowke recommends tenderloin of venison served with Kashubian strawberries and a hint of chili and asparagus.

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Light and nutritious – that’s the salad with pink roasted roast beef, strawberries, tomatoes, lamb’s lettuce, romaine lettuce, roasted sesame seeds and herb vinaigrette served at Stary Browar in Kościerzyna. Gourmands will certainly not miss a chance to eat here also the traditional ruchanki, or Kashubian pancakes, served with homemade jam from strawberries, raspberries, pears and cranberries. Children will certainly gorge on pizza with chocolate and strawberries.

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Salmon, roast beef and strawberries

As it turns out, strawberry goes well also with salmon. In the restaurant Kubicki in Gdańsk fish is served on asparagus with a lightly sesame balsamic-strawberry sauce and a touch of honey from apiaries in Żuławy. In this famous restaurant on Motława we can eat a clear and very intense strawberry soup with a piece of soft, cheese mousse. For those who like more distinctive tastes, the chef will prepare a soup from melon and cucumber with strawberry sorbet.

P6172010 - A strawberry frenzyP6172046 - A strawberry frenzy

Strawberries from Brodnica Górna, however, act as the basis for a cold soup served at the Czarny Kos restaurant in Borkowo. Through the soup, in addition to the intense flavor of strawberries, there also breaks the aroma of rose water, which – as it turns out – perfectly matches fruit and green pepper.

Strawberry jam made from young beet greens is a delicious idea for a salad that goes wonderfully with the taste of grilled roast beef from a local slaughterhouse in Żukowo as well as dried, fresh wheat grass. For dessert there is a crispy, honey-sugar basket, which is formed hot by the chef. In the basket you can find juicy Kashubian strawberries and whipped cream.

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Coastal strawberry flavors

In Sopot it is worth visiting the restaurant at the Sheraton. The new menu includes goat cheese cheesecake straight from Kashubia served – of course – with strawberries. Following the coastal route towards the Orłowo cliff, you must stop by at the Bulaj restaurant for a homemade bun, which is made according to traditional grandma’s recipes. In June and July dough is baked with strawberries and tastes delicious. However, cold dessert lovers will definitely like the homemade strawberry ice cream served with chocolate or meringue.

Sheraton - A strawberry frenzy

The Bulaj steak tartare made from raw tuna will certainly give you some energy to walk further. This is a blend of modern and classic cuisines, where besides fish you will also find a place for strawberries, chili and coriander. It’s a great appetizer for hot summer days.

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Delmonico Cut Steakhouse in Sopot, located in the woods near the Forest Opera, attracts customers not only with the highest quality steaks, but also with a tasty strawberry parfait and a currant mousse. The dessert is served with a bit of vanilla ice cream which gently immerse in a velvety, creamy fruit sauce.

P6161734 - A strawberry frenzy

Strawberry duck breast

When in Gdynia, it is necessary to stop by at the Tłusta Kaczka restaurant. The chef particularly recommends a smoked-a-little duck breast with potato cakes (in Polish: fondant) in a poultry heart stew seasoned with a flavored chocolate, orange juice and strawberries. What works well as an appetizer is a salad with strawberries which subtly break the strong flavor of the ripened Roquefort cheese. There are also asparagus, arugula, sorrel and vinaigrette with basil grown in the area. When it comes to desserts, try a gentle-like-a-cloud white chocolate mousse on a biscuit, which is sprinkled with roasted white chocolate and served with ice cream from – also – roasted white chocolate and whipped strawberries with lime and basil.

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Even more desserts

Strawberries out of the oven on a flour-free sponge cake with a scoop of ice cream is a proposal from the Zielona Brama restaurant from Przywidz. It’s a dish designed for gourmands who love fruit and cakes, but due to their diet cannot eat gluten. The dessert is served as soon it leaves the oven, on hot plates. The aroma of roasted strawberries is really hard to resist.

P6141637 - A strawberry frenzy

Grilled strawberries can also be found in a colorful vitamin bomb, i.e. a salad called ‘Filharmonia’, which is served by the restaurant of the same name. In addition to the ‘red hearts’, you can also find there watermelon, melon, thin slices of peach, arugula as well as rose petals and pansies. The whole thing is served along with goat cheese and a honey-balsamic dressing.

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Strawberry classic

Vanilla ice cream accompanied by caramelized Kashubian strawberries in the aroma of thyme is a proposal of the Biała restaurant in the Bryza Hotel located in the seaside Jurata. You can eat here classic, “bare” strawberries served with whipped cream and lime-honey sauce. On the menu there also appears strawberry tart and creme brulee with a crown in the form of a juicy Kashubian strawberry.

Creme%20Brule%20z%20truskawkami - A strawberry frenzyTarta%20truskawkowa - A strawberry frenzytruskawki%20w%20bitej%20%C5%9Bmietanie%20w%20sosie%20limonkowo miodowym 1 - A strawberry frenzy

The Gdańsk Velevetka, which this season serves a frozen strawberry mousse with dairy ice cream and whipped cream, puts the emphasis on classic too.

P6171939 - A strawberry frenzy

A sweet version of the Kashubian strawberry is a proposal of the Gdańsk Brovarnia as well. The menu includes panna cotta served with roasted coconut, Bourbon vanilla, strawberry slices and a salty caramel which breaks the sweetness of the dessert.

P6210033 - A strawberry frenzy

Chefs in Pomorskie have numerous ideas for the Kashubian strawberry. There is no doubt that this unique fruit is yet another reason to visit Pomorskie before the summer holidays.


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