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Czarny Kos. 100% Kashubia

Czarny Kos in Borkowo is a place that has always brought to mind nature, ecology, and human-nature friendship. Maybe it is beacause of its adorable, bird related name (Blackbird), or maybe because Czarny Kos is one of these place that allow us to relax and have a good meal. Preferably surrounded by nature.

Czarny Kos restaurant located in the apartment complex that shares its name, has for a long time been synonym of fresh, healthy food, prepared with love.

– Freshness of products and quality of dishes are both clichés in a restaurant with aspirations, and this is what we like to think of ourselves. Everyone here says that. Here at Czarny Kos, the first thing we care about is the entire experience of our guests, and this is our philosophy. We try to uphold to it with proper ambience of our interior and its design, keeping our guests close to nature (tending to our garden), and most of all – maintaining a good rapport. By this we mean positive relations between guests and the owner, chefs and cooks, and the staff- says Paweł Białas, owner of Czarny Kos.

Czarny Kos - interior design

Despite young age, head chef Krzysztof Majewski knows how to impress his guests. He used to work for many top-class restaurants in Pomorskie, worked during large events, and took part in numerous contests. Twice, he came second in a contest judgded by, among others, Kurt Scheller, a master of culinary craft. The specialty at Czarny Kos is a particular mash-up of traditional, regional cuisine and a modern approach to cooking.

LUK 0016 - Czarny Kos. 100% KashubiaLUK 9786 - Czarny Kos. 100% KashubiaLUK 9807 - Czarny Kos. 100% Kashubia

At some point, Czarny Kos was associated mainly with vegetarian cuisine. Today, however, the menu is more developed. -We were famous for vegetarian cuisine, and we still have many devoted guests who would visit us because of this. Recently, with the beginning of a new season and, most of all, with a new head chef, we have built a new menu, with both vegetarian and meat options – says Paweł Białas.

LUK 9934 - Czarny Kos. 100% KashubiaCzarny Kos - main courseLUK 9983 - Czarny Kos. 100% Kashubia

There is one rule that governs the kitchen of Czarny Kos: do not take from others if you can do it yourself. This is why the staff prepare bread and pastries on their own. The backyard garden holds tomatoes, which then become part of salads and soups, as well as herbs that spice up the dishes.

– The products that we use for our dishes, and which we cannot grow/create on our own, are purchased from local suppliers located maximum 15 kilometres from us. This makes us certain that any given product is 100% Kashubian, from beginning to end – says Paweł Białas.

And this is without doubt one of the qualities of Czarny Kos: an approach that is not common. This is as if to say that Czarny Kos is 100% Kashubian.

LUK 0054 - Czarny Kos. 100% KashubiaCzarny Kos - wine

And why is it worth visiting? The owner answers this question for us: -We often use the following description, which reflects the atmosphere of our restaurant: In the Kashubian countryside, near Głębokie lake, there is Czarny Kos restaurant. Located near the town of Żukowo, 20 minutes drive from Tricity, it offers delicious cuisine, based on regional products. The restaurant stands out on the culinary map of Kashubia. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will feel the friendly, family atmosphere, and you will experience our friendly staff, which is willing to help in any situation.



Letniskowa 10, 83-330 Borkowo

phone:. + 48 693 044 005

e-mail: info@czarnykos.pl



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