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Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaks

Although Pomorskie is famous for its high quality fish, it also offers plenty of places for steak aficionados to satisfy their cravings. Walking down the picturesque Szafarnia street in Gdańsk, make sure you visit Delmonico Cut Steakhouse restaurant. Until a few months ago, it was located in Opera Hotel in Sopot, but right now it welcomes everybody in a new spot.

LUK 5461 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaksLUK 5470 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaks

The restaurant’s decor alone promises its guests an unforgettable culinary journey. An impressive, oak floor makes the restaurant seem refined on the one hand, on the other – warm and comfortable.

Delmonico Cut Steakhouse has remained true to its philosophy, despite the change in location, and  serves top-quality steaks. The meat comes from a Japanese breed of Wagyu cattle, also known as Kobe, which is bred on an impressive 240-hectare area comprising woods, meadows, and pastures. Wiesław Stopa, the owner of the restaurant, gained experience by working in steakhouses across the United States. He makes sure that more than 200 cows and bulls, and more than 50 young rams were bred in harmony with nature. Him choosing the picturesque Kashubia as the place for his farm comes as no surprise. Clean air, safe distance from large cities, fertile soil – all this ensures the highest quality of the farm.

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Wagyu meat is characterised by the highest marbling score in the world, meaning that the amount of intramuscular fat is the highest. It is dry aged in an especially prepared room, which makes it one of the most important qualities of Delmonico Cut Steakhouse. Not many restaurants can allow themselves for such time consuming meat processing. This is why some steaks have to be ordered in advance, up to three months. All for the meat to be just perfect. Dry aged beef gives away even 20 per cent of water, which makes it even more aromatic and delicious.

LUK 5458 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaksLUK 5286 2 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaks

The restaurant offers several kinds of steaks, weighing from 300g to 1.5 kg. The selection of meat depends on the guests themselves. The menu includes more than 10 different kinds of steaks. New York Strip is served in a classic way, with potatoes and creme fraiche. Picanha Steak is served in a characteristic U-shape. Rib Steak, on the other hand, is the most marbled piece of meat with a typical eye in it.

LUK 5324 2 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaksLUK 5356 2 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaks

Fruit make the best dessert. In this case, strawberries baked with crumble topping.

LUK 5448 - Delmonico Cut Steakhouse: the genuine steaks

The newest addition to the offer is breakfast served every day until noon. There are about 10 sets to choose from, both for fans of meat and vegetarians alike. Without doubt, the greatest delicacy is beef cold cuts prepared by restaurant’s kitchen staff.



Delmonico Cut Steakhouse

Szafarnia 11, Gdansk

phone.: +48 553 318 067

e-mail rezerwacje.gdansk@delmonicocut.pl



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