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Pomorskie of love – Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Justyna Michalkiewicz - Waloszek

The couples’ awaited celebration is soon to come. Since „the way to the man’s heart is through his stomach” as the proverb says, we have prepared a list of the most romantic restaurants to celebrate the Valentine’s dinner .

Pomorskie Region restaurateurs know how to please their guests who are in love. They’ve prepared a special menu for this evening, with fish, red meat, beetroots and plenty of aphro-disiacs. Lovage, strawberries, lemon and chocolate are just some of them. The appetite grows as we eat, so we can start with the amuse-bouche, the appetizer comes and finally the main dish. Will they be the highlight of the evening? Definitely yes, for some of the guests. The others can sip love cocktails until the morning or even longer …

Gdańsk – the city of love

We are beginning our love trip from Gdańsk calling the lovers for a romantic walk after a successful dinner. Narrow and cosy alleys, Mariacka Street and Motława waterfront are places where you can stroll for hours. However, before we set off for a walk, looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands, let’s choose a place to whet your appetite.

In search of the unusual you can start with Brovarnia Gdańsk restaurant located inside the Gdańsk Hotel. When looking at the Valentine’s menu you will find a beef entrecote steak with grilled vegetables and demi glace sauce (PLN 89).

LUK 4130brovarnia - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

To soften your moods you will be exposed to a wide selection of beverages such as ‘The Passionate’, for example, a mixture of Olmeca Gold tequila, Mumm Brut champagne, elder-flower syrup and red grapefruit juice (PLN 69/per couple).

LUK 4098brovarnia - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?LUK 4102brovarnia - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Correze restaurant have prepared a special menu filled with love, especially for this unique evening. As you enter the restaurant you will be greeted with a welcome drink. The chef will then serve a rosefish with caviar, celery mash, lemon sauce with a tomato and salsify con-sommé for the main course. For dessert you can expect a chocolate biscuit with a poppy seed ice cream, crunchy crackers and sweet cotton candy. You will pay 250 PLN for the dinner for two on the Valentine’s Day.

Correze%20Fot.%20Karol%20Kacperski - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Photo. Karol Kacperski

Or perhaps you would prefer to discover the intimate and passionate atmosphere of Gvara! Once you have decided to enter the restaurant with your Valentine you will start your sensual adventure with an appetizer of juicy sous-vide wood smoked salmon to continue your feast with a zander roasted in a shell of chocolate, figs, sea salt served with “racuchy” (type of fancy pancakes) and mint sauce. Sounds very poetic, indeed. Your dinner, including a glass of wine will cost you PLN 135 per person.

LUK 4038gvara - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

The lovers of locally brewed beer will surely find in the PG4 Brewery restaurant what they are looking for. Your romantic evening will start with a ceviche salad made from prawns, cod, whisky, vanilla and orange juice. After this short intermezzo, you will be continuing your feast with a confit duck served with potatoes, chives, cherry tomatoes, beetroot and parsley. The cost of your dinner for two with a selection of beer and a carafe of wine is PLN 169.

LUK 3968pg4 - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Sopot and Gdynia – in the breeze of love

Sopot and Gdynia are relatively young cities with the sea port climate and fresh breeze from the sea felt almost everywhere. Marinas, coastal promenades, sea noises, gulls – in this at-mosphere you can easily make plans for the near and distant future.

Once in Sopot you are heading straight to the vibrant Monte Cassino street to finish your walk on the iconic Sopot pier called MOLO. From here, you are literally only a few steps away from the Café Polskie Smaki, a restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel, where the chef has prepared a sensual 5-course dinner for you. You can chose, among other, delicacies, a sous-vide veal shank served with truffle demi glace, a selection of salads including celery and pickled beetroot. Our dinner will be complete after eating a strawberry mousse topped with lime gel, a biscuit and chocolate ganache. The dinner will cost PLN 299 per pair.

Valentine’s dinner - Cafe Polskie Smaki

In search of the right direction, our internal compass can lead us to the Pólnoc Południe restaurant in Gdynia. The restaurant is located on Gdynia High Street called Świętojańska, located in the heart of the city centre. The chef has prepared two versions of the Valentine menu for you, with prices ranging from 70 PLN to 119 PLN. Our first pick are veal dumplings with white vegetablecream and rabbit served with colourful carrots, green peas mash and traditional home-made dumplings called “kopytka”. And for dessert? Chalva mousse with chocolate praline and brownie. The poetry of flavors!

LUK 3773p%C3%B3%C5%82nocpo%C5%82udnie - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Fairy tale lovers and those looking for a fairy tale bunny will find a romantic wonderland in Biały Królik, another famous restaurant in Gdynia (Eng.White Rabbit). The restaurant sees the needs of busy lovers and therefore extended the Valentine offer to be available from February 14th to 16th. First our delicate senses will be stimulated by an exquisite appetizer – a salted rainbow trout, marinated in beetroots, then tanned and served with a celery remoulade in a crispy crust with smoked caviar and a condensed beetroot sauce, topped with horseradish juice and dill oil. This delicious dinner with a glass of champagne and a selection of wines will cost you PLN 220 per person.

LUK 4152bia%C5%82ykr%C3%B3lik - Pomorskie of love  - Where to celebrate Valentine’s dinner?

Author of dishes: Rafał Koziorzemski

Love likes peace and quiet so celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the countryside

Escaping from a city is a great option for couples in love. You may consider prolonging your Valentine’s Day and renting a room for a day or two, especially because the recommended places are perfect for walking and the flourishing of romance.

The neighbourhood of Łeba is our first stop. In the town of Ciekocinko, there is Pałac Ciekocinko, a luxury, 5-star boutique hotel. Your love feast begins in the hotel’s 1906 Gourmet Restaurant, where you can take your senses to a whole new level of culinary pleasure with oysters served with trout caviar. And as a finishing touch, a classic dessert: strawberries and chocolate made with 70% Valrhona, served with fresh fruit and vanilla cream. The cost of the dinner is 200 PLN per person.

Go a bit farther West and you can visit Wicko, a place where everything starts, as the locals say. Perhaps it is here, in the Poraj Palace, a beautiful love adventure will begin, and last. You are welcomed with the slogan of this place – “Take her to the end of the world, eat a delicious supper by candlelight, share a bottle of champagne, and finish with a delicious breakfast served in bed …”. The cost of this paradise, 2 breakfasts served straight to your bed included, half-board with supper by candlelight is 650 PLN. If we feel like having supper only, Poraj Palace has prepared a feast for you as well. You will definitely be satisfied with confit duck served with red cabbage and grey dumplings. The cost of your dinner for two is 180 PLN.

If your romantic adventure leads you to Dębki, you cannot miss Krokowa Castle, where your Valentine’s Day celebration may even last up to days (13-17.02). The chef has prepared perfectly well for this occasion serving cod on black lentils (PLN 36) and rose mousse with pistachio sauce (PLN 12). Maybe it’s worth staying there longer?

Valentine’s dinner - Zamek Krokowa

Heading towards Jastarnia, you can make a stop near Puck in the Kashubian named restaurant Nordowi Mól. In this traditional restaurant you will warm yourselves up with a plate of the so called “amber soup” filled with forest mushrooms and pasta, followed by a juicy chicken breast, stuffed with smoked ham and almond mousse, all served with thyme pota-toes, red cabbage and cherry-ginger sauce. The cost of your dinner is PLN 120 per couple, and it is available from the special Valentine menu served only between the 14th to17th of February.

If you have enough of the sea wind and prefer to hide somewhere inland, you should definitely choose the real historical pearl of Pomorskie Region – The Teutonic Knights’ Castle in Bytów. You will feel the noble atmosphere of the place and the special Valentine menu has been prepared with three options to choose from, namely meat, fish and vegetarian. The fish option includes zander in almond flakes with jasmine rice and vegetables served with a dessert of classic, chocolate mousse with cherries. The cost of your dinner with a glass of wine is PLN 60 per person.

They say that love should be celebrated throughout the year, but nothing prevents you from taking the bow, shooting id’s arrow yourself on February 14 and inviting your other half to a romantic dinner. We hope you will find your ideal restaurant among the ones recommended. Please remember that we have selected only some dishes from their versatile menus, the ones which caught our eyes. Please be encouraged to study the menus in detail or perhaps get in touch with the restaurants yourself to have the full picture of their offers.

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