Fine dining. A culinary celebration


A unique dining experience that will take you through an entire palette of uncanny compositions and surprising deconstructions of well-known dishes. Several hours’ worth of celebration that guarantees ecstatic experience. Welcome to the world of fine dining.

Fine dining is in opposition to the world of fast food, mediocrity, and simple solutions. Fine dining is a culture of celebration of an entire meal. It’s time for meticulous planning of the entire meal by best chefs possible. It’s also time for untamed tasting of these culinary pieces of art.

The most popular fine dining spot in Gdańsk is Metamorfoza restaurant. As its executive chef, Adrian Klonowski, admits, in his cooking he follows his gut, and what he want no a particular moment. He’s full of ideas and loves to de-construct dishes that are well-known in traditional Polish cuisine. As he likes to point out, creativity is one thing. Another, and the most important one, is the ingredient.

-Our production Is based on Polish products exclusively. Our rule is “zero kilometres” , which means we eagerly try to obtain products from the immediate neighbourhood.  The “rule of three” is our phisolophy: one product is our base, and the other two supplement it. We try to maximise the flavour of particular ingredient – explains Matylda Grzelak from Metamorfoza restaurant.

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Product and its flavour, fine dining philosophy finds these two characteristics crucial. Jacek Koprowski, head chef of the renown Polish restaurant, Sztuczka, corroborates this. A dish needs to be balanced in flavour: all four flavoury from the flavour palette need to complement one another.

-Aside from different flavours, including umami, there is also food texture, which is equally important: delicate meat, crunchy crumble, fluffy puree, pronounced sauces and gravies, etc. – says Jacek Koprowski.

He then adds: – We try to extract particular ingredients from traditional dishes, thus presenting various ingredients of such dishes as the traditional sour rye soup (“Żurek”). We try to prepare each ingredient perfectly, maintaining its optimal structure.

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Fine dining restaurants promote tasting menus. A menu comprised of several sets is served throughout the entire evening, and tasting each dish is supposed to be a heavenly experience.

The 1906 Gourmet Restaurant in Pałac Ciekoncinko promotes mainly vegetable, game, and fish dishes. Examples? Loin of roe-deer with pear, parsnip, and walnut, or Baltic turbot  with pumpkin, sage, and beurre noisette. Aside from the regular menu, guests have the possibility to try several other dishes, such as: amuse pre dessert, and petit four.

According to Jacek Koprowski, fine dining is a culinary adventure that cannot be recreated at home, mainly because plethora of techniques that are used, as well as availability of products in retail.

Although there are more and more fine dining restaurants in Poland, their number is still insignificant. Most of them are located in larger cities, with 1906 Gourmet Restaurant being an exception.

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-All depends on wealth of our middle class. If its representatives keep on earning money, they will eagerly spend more on more ambitious and interesting things, such as better dining experience. Especially, when we’re talking about places such as 1906 Gourmet Restaurant. It’s a whole-day trip, including the meal, which can last up to three hours – says Paweł Dołżonek, head chef of 1906 Gourmet Restaurant.

Despite this, guests keep on coming, because more and more of them are able to travel farther and pay more for a top-notch culinary adventure.

What’s more, fine dining is not only the products that we find on our plates. It’s also the entourage, beginning upon the entrance to a restaurant. Service is of vital importance, the way waiters describe dishes, food pairing, etc. As all head chefs admit, fine dining means highest level culinary excitement. After all, a fine dining dinner is supposed to be something special.



Restauracja Metamorfoza

ul. Szeroka 22/23 – 24/26, Gdańsk

Tel. +48 725 005 006


Restauracja Sztuczka

ul. Antoniego Abrahama 40, Gdynia

tel: +48 (58) 622 24 94


Ciekocinko 9, Ciekocinko

Tel. + 48 58 572 25 08


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