Gout de France – 21st March, a unique celebration of French cuisine


Oysters, clams, and shrimps. Beef Bourguignon, frog legs, foie gras. And for dessert, an obligatory crème brule. French cuisine is a classic base for many other cuisines of the world. There is no country that would not draw inspiration from it. On March 21, chefs from all around the world will for the fourth time pay tribute to French culinary tradition. This is when Gout de France – Good France – will take place.

Aperitif, side dishes, main courses, platters of cheese, and desserts. All this together with top quality wines, champagnes, and exquisite alcohols from the heart of Europe. This year, Gout de France – Good France will be celebrated on five continents, with 3300 chefs participating in the event.

-Excellent food, and fun that comes from meeting your friends in accompaniment of excellent menu and quality wine are typical of French lifestyle – says Pierre Lévy, French ambassador to Poland. – French cuisine is modern, open towards new concepts, and easily accessible for everyone. Food services are a trademark of France and its culture – he adds.

It is the fourth edition of Gout de France – Good France, a praise of French cuisine. In 2018, 130 restaurants from all around Poland have joined the celebration, including 17 from the Tricity area. Although every day they subtly draw from regional dishes, local chefs have no problem with serving French classics.

-We are honoured to be able to participate for the second time in this grand event. It is especially important to us, as our offer encompasses Mediterranean cuisine with a French twist. Considering that the celebration takes place on five continents, as well as the fact that 3300 chefs participate in it, we find it to be an important distinction – says Aneta Sadowska from Correze restaurant in Gdańsk.

For its 21 of March menu, Correze staff have prepared, among others, beef shank confit, goose liver with mille feuille  and fruit, and crème brûlée with sweet chestnut and cotton candy.

Marcin Popielarz, head chef of Gdynia-based Biały Królik restaurant, decided that his participation will honour an esteemed French chef, Bernard Loiseau, on the 15th anniversary of his passing.

-For me, Gout de France provides the possibility of preparing dishes from the purest in form and complex in flavour French cuisine. On a daily basis, I use many traditional French techniques, but the final outcome is Polish cuisine. Gout de France allows to perfectly copy French recipes – says Marcin Popielarz.

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The menu prepared by Marcin Popielarz for this occasion includes, among others, frog legs with garlic and lemon, or glazed goose with maple syrup and pear.

The first day of spring – the 21st of March – is an important date in the Tricity’s culinary events calendar. Participating in the celebration of Good France is in our opinion obligatory – say the owners of Restauracja Filharmonia in Gdańsk, which also participates in the event. – Our head chef, Marcin Szlagowski, has for more than two years co-operated with the ambassador of Paul Bocuse Intitute. The effects of this co-operation can be seen in our menu, where we combine Kashubian flavours with French classic – they add.

Good France was initiated in 2015 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in co-operation with a world-class chef, Alain Ducasse.

Photos: Biały Królik


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