Joanna Ogórek


Joanna Ogórek

In a quiet place, far from the hubbub of the city, a group of friends created an extraordinary place: a place that not only smells and tastes of exquisite cuisine but also enchants with its charm. The Grono di Rucola, for that is the restaurant we are talking about, draws on the best that you could find in the restaurant tradition. It lies in a perfect spot, surrounded by a forest and the singing of birds, and the restaurant itself is located in a historic wooden cottage, which undoubtedly adds to its charm. The interior décor makes it a pleasure to sit down and stay here for a while. The place is raw but at the same time cosy, and the smells coming from the kitchen make you want to return here. Experienced restaurateurs know how to delight the stomachs of Tricity locals and visitors. They use fresh ecological products and draw culinary inspiration from many sources, including the recently popular molecular cuisine, but mainly from traditional regional recipes. They also know that the appeal of cuisine depends mainly on the abundance of seasonal ingredients and that diet must be adjusted to seasons. Consequently, a new menu has been introduced at the Grono di Rucola with the coming of autumn. In order to taste it, we decided to visit this restaurant.

img 1643 - GRONO DI RUCOLAimg 1642 - GRONO DI RUCOLA

Though not very long, the restaurant’s menu is based on an interesting idea. It has been divided into four parts: Earth, Water, Garden, and Air, and there are several proposed dishes in each. There are courses and appetizers there, and the last part, Sky, features desserts.

We start with an appetizer from the Earth part: home-made hare pâté with horseradish, rye bread, and a glass of horseradish liqueur according to a family recipe. The pâté with perfect texture makes an excellent combination with traditional bread and the home-made horseradish liqueur sharpens the appetite. The taste of meat is enriched by an array of fresh herbs. That was a very good start.

img 1627 - GRONO DI RUCOLA

We choose the first course from the Water menu: Masurian crayfish cream soup with mascarpone cheese. It has a delicate, slightly sweet taste and a beautiful autumn hue. It is a pity that it has vanished from our plates so quickly, but there remain a few other items to give a try to, so we give up a second helping.

img 1629 - GRONO DI RUCOLA

It is now time for the main course: half a Barbary duck in lemon, served over caramelised apples from a Polish orchard with potato dumplings in bison grass sauce. Those who like roast duck can’t say no this one. Those not yet convinced must taste it and they will surely change their minds. The perfectly tender and juicy meat is permeated by the sweet-and sour taste of apples. The duck is excellently marinated and the bison grass sauce seasoning first-class potato dumplings complements the whole dish. It is homely but at the same time refined.

img 1632 - GRONO DI RUCOLAimg 1631 - GRONO DI RUCOLA

Although parting with the duck was painful, we were soon cheered up by cassata with white chocolate. This famous Sicilian cake with ricotta cheese melted in our mouth and we truly felt like in heaven. For a long while we didn’t want to return from it but, unfortunately, reality inexorably claimed us back, and after those moments of pleasure time came for everyday duties.

img 1634 - GRONO DI RUCOLA

Still, we left the Grono di Rucola convinced that it was a place we would certainly return to – not only to relish the delightful duck or a divine dessert again but also to have a taste of other flavours from the autumn menu and feast our eyes on the masterful forms of the dishes served there. Needless to say, the owners of the Grono di Rucola are natural-born aesthetes: connoisseurs of exquisite flavours, beautiful colours, and unique atmosphere.



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