Hibiscus borscht


20g fresh marjoram

1 garlic head

Green celery 125g

3 berries of allspice

3 bay leaves

40g hibiscus

300g beetroot

120g sourdough bread

2.5 l water

Shred vegetables, place everything neatly in a large, airtight container with a lid. Add boiling water and close the container. Place the container in a dimly lit place for 5 days, and decant. Use only the marinate.


500g baked lamb bones

500g smoked lamb bones

500g chicken corpse

50g celery

50g fennel

100g carrot

100g parsley

1 peeled onion

2 bay leaves

1/4 spoon allspice

1/4 spoon white pepper

1/4 spoon cumin

50g dried slippery jack mushroom

30g dried boletus

5l water

Bake lamb bones (45min/185 C) and chicken corpse (30min/185 C). Put bones and corpse into a pot and add 5 liters of cold water. Next, add dry ingredients and shredded vegetables. Simmer for 5 hours, and strain broth through a fine strainer.


5l of smoked lamb bones and chicken corpse broth

2l of hibiscus and beetroot sourdough

25g hibiscus

450ml red beet juice

Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil. Season with salt, pepper, and sugar. The flavor is a balance between sweetness and sourness, with a meaty accent.

LUK 3696 - Hibiscus borschtLUK 3711 - Hibiscus borschtLUK 3714 - Hibiscus borscht

Fotos: Łukasz Stafiej (facebook.com/foodandgoodmood)

The dish you can try in the White Rabbit Restaurant in Gdynia.

[mapa]Folwarczna 2, Gdynia[/mapa]


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