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Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

Pomlewo, located in the heart of Kashubian forest, hides a picturesque garden with a magnificent pond. In that garden, Kozi Gród Hotel&Restaurant is located. It is a place that will fully allow you to give yourself into nature. Peace and quiet, and top-notch cuisine will make each moment that you spend in Kozi Gród remain in your memory for a long time.

Pomlewo is a Kashubian village located near the town of Przywidz. It was here that in 2004, the family-run Kozi Gród hotel, together with a restaurant, was established. Today, after more than 10 years since its opening, Kozi Gród has become synonym of top-class hotel and catering industry.

LUK 6550 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

Game is the restaurant menu’s meat of choice. However, there is also plenty of fish, and forest fruit dishes. They are served always in accord with the season, which guarantees freshness at all times. The restaurant specializes in wild boars, deer, hares, and pheasants, all served in a modern fashion. Meat is always skinned and processes in the restaurant.

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You should try hare loin, stuffed with liver breaded in pistachios, white chocolate, lemon thyme, and black lilac sauce.

LUK 6590 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturallyLUK 6596 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturallyLUK 6600 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

Or sous-vide pheasant breast, served with sweet chestnut puree, caramelized with rowan, pea sprouts, and topinambour chip.

LUK 6681 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturallyLUK 6717 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

And for dessert? Try edible soil with mascarpone cheese cream, and fresh fruit. Sounds tasty!

LUK 6693 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturallyLUK 6695 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

Liqueurs are the real treasure of Kozi Gród that is an absolute must. Among them: quince, raspberry, pine shoots, apricot – all available depending on season of the year. If you are not into alcohol, you can order water: there is a 185-meter-deep well, from which local water, Kozigrodczanka, is extracted.

Kozi Gród is also about fish. These are always from local suppliers (for example, trouts are always purchased from a supplier from nearby Rumia). Try cod, zander, bull-trout, or baltic salmon, if it is available. That is not all. A constantly restocked pond, with healing mud on its bottom, allows guests to personally fish for catfish, carp, or grass carp that cooks will prepare for supper, by seasoning them with fresh herbs from the local garden.

Bartosz Rozbiegała, the head chef, says that passion is the vital part of the job: -I know that I do what I love, and working in the kitchen is extremely satisfying for me. My two main specialties are hunter cuisine, which I had learned from my mother since I was a kid, and Mediterranean cuisine, which I personally like.

LUK 6632 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturallyLUK 6640 - Kozi Grod Hotel & Restaurant. Kashubia, naturally

The kitchen smokehouse, which has also been adapted for cold smoking, flavors are born that are a true delight for the palate.

– The smokehouse is the apple of the head chef’s eye. Its construction was based on priceless knowledge and years of experience of the owner’s father, who was a smoking specialist. The smokehouse is used to prepare meats, fish, and cheeses – says Alicja Kąkol from Kozi Gród Hotel&Restaurant.

Game pate, seasonal fruit jams, bread, cakes, desserts, as well as smoked fish and meats are prepared by the hotel staff. Homemade produce can also be purchased and taken home, when it is time to leave this lovely part of the region.

Restaurant’s decor complements the location of the hotel, and its surroundings. – This is why there are many elements made of dark wood: floor has been made of southern-American Lapacho wood, remaining elements are oak. Natural colors are dominant in both restaurant and pub, and the atmosphere is influenced by glazing on one side of the restaurant, with a beautiful view on the garden, pond, and nearby woods – adds Alicja Kąkol.

In autumn and winter, cozy and romantic atmosphere is guaranteed by the lit-up fireplace. In spring and summer, on the other hand, you can sunbathe on the terrace, or go for a picnic on grass. And all this in constant harmony with nature and magic of Kashubia.



Leśników 3, Pomlewo k/ Gdańska

phone.: +48 58 692 07 80

e-mail: kozigrod@kozigrod.pl



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