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Pałac Poraj

Pałac Poraj takes you back to the best of traditional Polish cuisine. We allow our guests to take their time in tasting the specialties of our regional cuisine”, says Renata Horczak, the owner of the establishment. Located off the beaten track, just 15 km from the coast of the Baltic Sea, in an immediate vicinity of three ponds, and a view on a picturesque garden, Pałac Poraj in Wicko is charming, with delicious cuisine.

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„Owners treat their guests as family members” – that’s the opinion of those who visited Pałac Poraj. The hearty atmosphere of the place makes one feel better than at home. Pałac Poraj was adapted by current owners in 1999. They opened a restaurant, and a guesthouse, with various active leisure attractions, such as a tennis court, or a backyard art gallery with sculptures by Polish and international artists.

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However, it’s cuisine that is the hallmark of Pałac Poraj. It’s also one of the main reasons for many tourists to come back here so eagerly. Plethora of fish served in the restaurant will impress even the most demanding gourmet. Cod, pike, zander, perch, bream, and – of course – herring, are available whenever local fishermen have them in stock.

– The head chef, Leszek Kaźmierczak, spoils the palates of our guests in accompaniment of music and endless green surroundings. He moved from his hometown of Słupsk to Pałac Poraj, bringing with him the touch of original Słupsk cuisine, which is a blend of Kashubian tradition, and the areas of Kluki and Smołdzino. It’s simple and delicious cuisine, rich in fish, delightful meat, and amazing soups. All this you will find here, in Pałac Poraj – says Renata Horczak.

Enjoy the classic, Old Polish cold beet soup, prepared on from curdled milk.

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And for the main course, rabbit in sour cream, with chanterelles picked up in the nearby forest.

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Owners make sure that all products used to prepare dishes in Pałac Poraj come from local suppliers. Trout come from a farm in Poganice, and sausage is delivered by the Makuch family from Główczyce. All vegetables come from the restaurant’s backyard garden.

Spring and winter are the time when hunters meet in Pałac Poraj, which is particularly popular among hunters from Scandinavia and the US. After successful hunt, they feast by a bonfire, drinking a mixture of red wine, vodka, herbs and spices, the so-called „hu-hu” cocktail, a traditional beverage of Słupsk origin.

Because of its location, Pałac Poraj is a perfect spot for a jaunt to Słowiński National park. Picturesque lakes, Łebsko and Sarbsko, are nearby, as well as the unique, world-famous Łeba dunes.



Poraj 5, Wicko

phone:. + 48 59 861 17 71

e-mail: poraj@poraj.org



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