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Dear Jar,

I would like to express my contempt and at the same love towards jars. Too harsh? Not really. It’s true, there will be some bitterness. But dominated by sweetnes.

Indeed, I have no respect and a bit of disdain for jars as we call people who have moved to the capital of Poland and keep complaining at the “bad and narcissistic” Warsaw and bringing jars with food every time they go home for a moment. Listen, jars! The truth is that this city is full of great possibilities. You can always take your jars and get back to the roots. There is no sense in poisoning others with your venom. Not wanting to show more bitterness than just that, I will end this typical Polish grumbling I’m not really convinced to.

Jars have also a good side. Setting out on your culinary journey, you can always take all the excellent products you gorge yourself on in the summer with you. There’s so much of it, and it’s really worth making friends with a jar or a pot.

I discovered my love towards such products last year thanks to the cooking workshop on preserves led by Claudia Filippi-Chodorowska. The beautiful and simple combinations of ingredients she showed to us were effective: I’ve become a fan of jams and preserves. Since then I’ve been enamoured with all kinds of plums. They’re a treasury of pectin, which, vividly speaking, act like a broom sweeping all the fat out of our digestive system. They contain many B group vitamins, which soothe our nervous system and improve our mood. So how can one not love them?

I have a recipe for a great plum mixture. But I have to upset alcohol tasters – it’s not a recipe for a devilishly strong Slivovitz. It does contain rum, but it will evaporate while cooked. I’m talking about Conserva di prugne, uvetta e rum, a recipe that came to us from Italy. Translating from Italian, it’s simply plum jam with raisins and rum. It’s so tasty that it makes me inclined to raise my blood glucose level to the maximum.

It doesn’t include many ingredients, and this is precisely the beauty of cooking. You need plums (the best ones are common purple plums), sugar (half the amount of plums), a small amount of lemon juice and raisins, as well as the said dark rum. Remove the stones from the plums and cut the fruits into three pieces. Cover them with sugar and lemon and leave for at least an hour. Add the raisins and rum and boil it all up. Leave it covered in the fridge for the whole night. I realize you will be tempted to have at least the smallest try but don’t do it – it’s not the end of cooking! Next day, fry the jam for more than half an hour stirring frequently. And that’s it. Now you have to put the jam into jars, screw the lids tightly and turn the jars upside down until they cool.

img 1540 - PLUMS IN A JARimg 1539 - PLUMS IN A JAR

“Culinary porn” in the form of plum jam. Delicious sensations on autumn and winter days. The jam will remind you that the earth will soon explode with a diversity of tastes and flavours. It’s really worth waiting with a jar of this purple and extremely sweet mixture on you.



white sugar –  half the amount of plums





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