The Ciekocinko Palace Hotel Resort & Wellness is situated in the seaside village of Ciekocinko. The Mierzeja Sarbska Nature Reserve is in the vicinity, which makes the location of the facility very attractive due to the wide range of recreation options.

This is a high-class place for people who value first-rate leisure. The attractions awaiting guests include: horse riding, yachting, diving, golf, sightseeing in the nearby areas, a trout smoking chamber, wine tasting, or palace library. The sense of taste will be satisfied in the local tea room and bistro club, but above all in the local 1906 Gourmet Restaurant, which attracts true gourmets. In season, guests have a summer terrace at their disposal.

img 1848 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1849 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1850 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1851 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1852 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1853 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1854 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

Decorated in a style of very classic elegance, the place offers its guests a cosy climate of heavy curtains, oak wood, stylish furniture, and Art Nouveau wallpapers. Because of the dignified atmosphere only adults with children aged 12 or above are invited to the restaurant, and the dress code is strictly defined as smart casual.

Chef Paweł Dołżonek maintains the local tradition of Polish cuisine in a modern style. Regional customs and products dominate, but every detail is given a new form, worthy of a culinary work of art. The creators of the 1906 Gourmet Restaurant are followers of the idea of Comfort Food, which recommends combining a meal with a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and serenity.

img 1856 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1857 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1858 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

This exceptionally dignified atmosphere makes us feel like habitués of fashionable Parisian restaurants of the 1920s. We test the autumn menu, which – as you will have a chance see and read – is a delight to the palate and to the eye alike. Our tasting has an element of pleasant surprise to it.

It is there from the very beginning, when we try musk pumpkin cream with lime froth, sprinkled with coriander seeds and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Served in white piece of china tableware with a handle, covered with aromatic froth, it resembles cappuccino at first glance – and it tastes delicious!

img 1860 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1861 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1862 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

Taking advantage of the fact that our visit coincides with the peak of tomato season, we appreciate the way the taste and aroma of tomatoes are presented on the plate at the Ciekocinko Palace. We try a mixture of yellow, green, watermelon, and cherry tomatoes in a sauce of six herbs (chervil, tarragon, lovage, dill, mint, and basil). This comes with sour milk in a cream roll baked of wheat dough. Violet and yarrow sprinkled with black olive powder make the dish complete. It tastes as vivid as it looks.

img 1864 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1865 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1866 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1867 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1868 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1869 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

This is not the end of vegetarian flavours. Stewed chicory is served to our table in a stock of edelweiss, wine, orange juice, and saffron – lightly caramelized. With that, there is cheese ripening in a coating of croissant crumbs and ground almonds. Draped in a sauce of red peppers and parsley oil, the dish is remarkably aromatic and harmonized in taste.

img 1871 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1872 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1873 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1874 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

As befits a seaside resort, time came for fish. The dish that we find particularly intriguing in the autumn menu is Baltic cod sous vide in onion ash, served with purée of onions, vermouth froth, and pieces of violet cauliflower. On a six-point scale, the colourful composition on the plate deserves the top score of six. The fish is delicate and sophisticated in taste, gently winey. Just perfect.

img 1876 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1877 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1878 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1879 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1880 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1881 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1882 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1883 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1884 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1885 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

It is time for a dessert. Deriving from the Italian tradition, panna cotta acquires a new character here thanks to black elder. Black elder fruit and juice, thin paper with black elder purée, and coconut sorbet have been added to it. Its texture is smooth and its taste is balanced.

img 1887 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1888 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKOimg 1889 - 1906 - PAŁAC CIEKOCINKO

Every dish served at the Ciekocinko Palace resembles a piece of poetry or a work of art. You can look at it, you can describe it in many ways, but you cannot possibly resist tasting it. And, most importantly, balance between form and content is maintained.

Text and photos: Joanna Ogórek

Ciekocinko 9, Choczewo
phone: + 48 58 572 25 08
e-mail: hotel@palacciekocinko.pl


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