Biały Krolik restaurant: tradition and creativity

Biały Królik (White Rabbit) is a unique restaurant on the map of Pomorskie. The love for the region’s culinary traditions intertwines with amazing creativity and top quality of served dishes.

This place takes your breath away on entrance. Crossing the gate at Folwarczna street in Gdynia Orłowo transports you into a fairy-tale world of meticulously renovated palace complex, with an impressive park and a spectacular, 18th-century palace building. Aside from an exclusive, boutique hotel, its interior houses one of the most original restaurants of Pomorskie, Biały Królik restaurant.

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The name is no coincidence. White Rabbit immediately evokes one of the most popular books, Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Inspired by the oneiric atmosphere of the book, designers coupled fairy-tale like, minimalist decorations, such as chessboard floor or rabbit sculptures hanging from the ceiling, with classic decor of spacious palace halls. As a result, an original and modern interior emerged, designed with respect of tradition.

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The same description can be made of restaurant’s culinary concept, created by Marcin Popielarz. This young and extremely talented chef learned from the best in Western Michelin-star restaurants. Popielarz aims at combining culinary traditions of Kashubia, Żuławy and Vistula Spit with modern trends and techniques in culinary art. And since he is full of creativity and good taste, the dishes served in this restaurant should satisfy even the most demanding palates.

For side dish you should try smoked mackerel served in a small jar with zucchini ketchup, dill cream cheese, potato chip and home-made bread with wild garlic. You can also whet your appetite with a light salad with smoked cottage cheese, served with parsley&pear puree with stewed black tomatoes from the palace garden, and amazingly refreshing and aromatic ingredients: lemon balm, lemon verbena and pine nuts.

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Soup is a variation of Ukrainian borscht, prepared with seasonal vegetables. The waiter in white gloves pours it to a bowl with Krakowska, petite beans, and an egg with liquid yolk that has been boiled for 40 minutes in 65 centigrade . The dish owes its unique flavor to the inconspicuous ground-ivy, found in the area of the Vistula Spit.

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Carnivores should be tempted to try the very delicate bacon from young boar, served on root vegetable puree with original roasted pig leg and sage gravy. This composition is accompanied by hosta, called the Polish pak choi, and mini zucchini. As for herring, the chef suggests young pea puree with a pinch of dried peas, farina polenta, glasswort, watercress and chanterelles in cream.

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The highlight of the feast is the dessert, which is the chef’s take on a classic brownie. Here, pieces of cake are served with peanut butter, coffee foam and cream, roasted almonds and yogurt vanilla-infused ice-cream.

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The quality of service is as high as the quality of food. Kind, well-dressed, attentive but unobtrusive waiters attend to every detail of our visit.

Menu is modified every several months, and it is divided into two sections: dinner dishes are served from 6 p.m. , whereas lunch menu dishes can be ordered between 12 and 5 p.m. It is also probably the best way to test the wide range of chef’s abilities. The restaurant is open everyday from 12 p.m. until 10 p.m.


Folwarczna 2, Gdynia

Phone. + 48 58 351
03 30



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