Roasted goose with pears and plumps in buckwheat honey

Ingredients, products and raw materials;

Breast of goose, including the bones, 2 pieces. Weight approx. 2000 gr.

Thighs of goose – 2 pieces. Weight approx. 1600 gr.

Half-goose (smoked goose breast without bones). Weight approx. 300 gr.

Apples (russet). Weight 1500 gr.

Pears (conference type). Weight 1500 gr.

Frozen blueberries ( at this season). Weight 300 gr.

Dried plumps. Weight 200 gr.

Potatoes 2000 gr.

Onion 500 gr.

Garlic – 1 bulb.

Red cabbage – 1 bulb

Buckwheat honey 500 gr.

Red wine 500 ml.

Salt 70 gr.

Black pepper 2 gr.

Grated marjoram 10 gr.

Fresh thyme 20 gr.

Eggs – 5 pieces.

Molasses – Beetroot syrup

LUK 6442 - Roasted goose with pears and plumps in buckwheat honey

Two days before the goose is to be roasted, apply spices to the washed and cleared meat by rubbing it with salt, grated garlic, marjoram and thyme. Now, put the goose breasts and thighs to the fridge.

Next, after two days, when the goose absorbs all the spices, put it into the oven-pan, add the pears cut into pieces, blueberries, dried plumps , and, finally, pour with honey and red wine. Roast the meat in temp. about 130⁰ C for about 3 hours.

After the roasting process is finished, take out the portions of goose from the oven to another pot to let it cool down – put a lid onto the pot to prevent the meat from extensive drying out.

Remember, there is fat including honey, plumps, pears and blueberries in the oven-pan. It will be your base for making sauce. Pour the tasteful sauce through a strainer to another pot, add water (but beware of losing the sauce taste). Make the sauce not so strong.

Next, collect the fat from the sauce upper layer and use it to make the potato cake (regional name: sztydrych).

Peel the potatoes. Rub the potatoes and onion on a grate with thick eyes. Add the eggs. Add salt and pepper. Mix everything very carefully.

Spread the goose fat on the baking tray and put the thinly sliced goose breasts on the tray. Next, put the mass made from grated potatoes and onions. Bake it in temp about 120⁰C for about 30 minutes.

Wash the red cabbage and shred it. Peel the apples and cut them into cubes.

Add the shredded cabbage to a warm pot smeared with the goose fat. Apply salt. Fry the cabbage for some minutes, add the apples, a little of red wine, some broth or water and simmer it covered until it becomes soft. Add some sugar or honey, if you like.

Before serving warm up the goose again in the oven together with the cut and roasted potato cake (sztydrych), cabbage and sauce.

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