Rutabaga, goose meat, and Kashubian strawberries. Seasonality in Pomeranian cuisine

Pomorskie is famous for its top-quality local products. In summer, the famous Kashubian strawberry takes entire Europe by storm. In autumn, game and poultry amateurs flock to the region for hunting sessions and goose meat. Spring is the time to enjoy chlodnik, a chilled beet soup with buttermilk and early vegetables. Best cuisine is impossible without seasonal products, according to many head chefs in the industry..

Sebastian Truszkowski, head chef of the Kashubian Aubrecht Hotel, enumerates the entire list of seasonal products, depending on time of the year. – In autumn, we would use mainly mushrooms, goose meat, veal, and oily fish like eel or sturgeon. Let’s not forget about root vegetables, such as beets, rutabaga, parsnip, sunroots, and pumpkin. Spring, on the other hand, means early vegetables and spring meat. This includes asparaguses, skrei cod (available from January to April), Baltic and freshwater fish, veal, or poultry. Summer, on the other hand, brings us the full palette of flavours, aromas, and colours. The greatest regional treat is the Kashubian strawberry. I would bet on a cold potato soup with herring, baby spinach, and broad bean. – says Sebastian Truszkowski

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Each season has its own palette of flavours to offer.

-Seasonality in Sztuczka restaurant means including in the menu products that, at a given moment, are most ripe. It’s important for me to treat my guests to asparaguses, strawberries, or chanterelles just as they are the fullest of flavour – says Jacek Koprowski, head chef in Gdynia-based Sztuczka restaurant.

Where to look for the best seasonal products? It turns out, they can be found just behind the corner…

-The best method is to look around. There are several places on the outskirts of Gdynia, where we pick black lilac flowers. Gdynia Market Hall is also a very inspiring place to be, where we pick top quality fresh vegetables from one supplier, while the other always provides us with best Baltic fish – says Jacek Koprowski.

sztuczka22kopia - Rutabaga, goose meat, and Kashubian strawberries. Seasonality in Pomeranian cuisine

Autumn in the industry forces thoughtful use of nature’s gifts.

-We enrich our cooking with pronounced flavours of fresh mushrooms, forest fruit, such as cranberries, and autumn vegetables, like pumpkin or rutabaga – says Sebastian Szostak, head chef of Kozi Gród Hotel Restaurant. – Game meat plays a special role in our kitchen. We get it almost from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, as both the owner and general manager of Kozi Gród Hotel are hunters. All these gifts of nature are used in our menu, to create dishes like fried saffron milk caps, deer steak with caramelised beets and smoked groats, hare with pumpkin puree, or home made dumplings (pierogi) stuffed with game meat. November is when we participate in “Gęsina na Świętego Marcina”(St. Martin’s Day) event, and offer numerous goose meat dishes, such as rutabaga soup, whole smoked goose, goose-stuffed dumplings, goose liver, etc. As representative of Kashubia-based restaurant, and drawing inspiration from the plethora of flavours this region has to offer, I think that we can proudly boast our wide variety and uniqueness of dishes, which are made with top-quality, local products.

abc - Rutabaga, goose meat, and Kashubian strawberries. Seasonality in Pomeranian cuisine

The autumn menu of Hotel Aubrecht’s restaurant will surprise you with, among others, an exceptional rutabaga soup. It is made with goose meat, and enriched by the chef with a sunroot crisp. The menu also includes chopped fillet with marinated mushrooms, mustard, and pickled cucumber.

Sztuczka restaurant also concentrates on ingredients available in autumn. – One of our most popular dish is duck breast with red cabbage puree, served with a savoury strudel made with root vegetables, compressed plum, and plum gel. Of course, mushrooms are mandator:  mushroom risotto with pickled mushrooms, confit yolk, smoked parmesan, pumpkin puree, and forest herbs is our choice. That’s not all – says Jacek Koprowski. – I also recommend trying crayfish and pumpkin bisque with smoked sturgeon and citrus fruit.

Vegetables grown on green, ecological fields, fruit from top-quality suppliers, animals that live in clean, Pomeranian forests, and geese which Pomerania is famous in Europe for… Each season brings us on yet another culinary adventure.


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