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I always forget about the whole world (even the culinary one!) in the summer. I’m not that absorbed in the magic of cuisine like on cooler days. I don’t need much in summertime to be happy at the table or on a beach. And it’s not even about the prosaic lack of appetite After all, how can you gorge yourself when the Sun is in its zenith?

Indeed, it is one of the best moments to leave meat for good, which today seems reasonable because of not only the quality of meat but also pure economy. I tried to part with juicy bits, and I know some who live on quite well without animal proteins. Well… That’s not for me.

But I can stave off hunger with some greens in the summer – life is so colourful then. Interestingly enough, when it’s warm, my culinary creativity isn’t as straight as chives. I indulge in huge laziness. This is why I’m going to present fare with a southern attitude today.

I love pasta, just as I love the Japanese simplicity in serving dishes.

So today I’m focusing on one of my favourite pastas under the strange name of Soba. It looks thin and dark, but it’s delicious and easy to make. Buckwheat noodles are an easily digestible type of pasta, which is often wrongfully considered fattening by various amateurs. Soba is known as a symbol of longevity in Japan, so long live the summer! Simply boil these thin noodles in water, without any salt. It takes just a moment. Then pour cold water over the noodles and let them rest a while.

img 1333 - SOBA - CHILL - OUT SUMMER

Now take bananas and coconut milk. It’s probably going to be as sweet as a first kiss, which means delicious. Peel the bananas and mix them with coconut milk in such proportions as to get a slightly fluid consistency. Add some cinnamon to enhance the taste and to oppose the stupidity of EU officials. They have recently announced that cinnamon is harmful and want to ban its use. Clearly, they swallowed too much nutmeg.

Now gently mix the drained pasta with the sweet sauce. Put it onto a soup plate.

No it’s time for fruit. Take your favourite ones. I made a small fruit mésalliance. I took beautiful strawberries, which are a true vitamin bomb but also – for me – an element of great fun because nothing goes as well with champagne as strawberries. Then I added blueberries. As a matter of fact, Poland is their third producer in the world. What is the most important thing about them is that they are a natural medicine and contain plenty of antioxidants. They’re good for eyes, so if you want to see clearly what’s going on around you in the summertime, don’t forget about blueberries. Raspberries are also the only ones of their kind, and mint is a must on a high-summer plat. So I’m going to put this flirtatious dish in mint condition. Sprinkle the pasta with all these colourful ingredients and eat with relish. Don’t hurry. It won’t cool off.

img 1335 - SOBA - CHILL - OUT SUMMERimg 1336 - SOBA - CHILL - OUT SUMMER

Blissful delight in the summer and simple dishes are one of the best things in life. So seize opportunities. And without unnecessary words I encourage you to take liberally the beauties of life because it’s simply worth it.


soba pasta


coconut milk


fresh fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries



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