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Sztuczka restaurant. New head chef, new ideas

Sztuczka restaurant in Gdynia is a place which since many years has surprised and charmed with its approach to cuisine. There is no cliché solutions or short cuts here. A visit in Sztuczka is a travel through the layers of flavours and aromas, accompanied by an amazing story about how good food makes your senses come to live.

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Since July 2018, Sztuczka restaurant in Gdynia has a new head chef. His name is Kamil Kołodziejski, and he has been working in this location since three years. He started as a chef de partie, then became a sous chef of Jacek Koprowski. Because chef Jacek Koprowski decided to pursue an independent career, it was natural to promote Kamil Kołodziejski to the position of a head chef of Sztuczka restaurant.

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“For me, the most important is the product itself and its combination with other products on a plate. All that while maintaining a unique taste and perfect proportions. Crucial to me is keeping the level for which we have worked for many years. That’s why the current menu is only seasonal. The next one, which I’m working on, will have my ‘signature’” says Kamil Kołodziejski.

Sztuczka Restaurant. New Menu

In the new menu of Sztuczka restaurant we will be able to find scallops with cauliflower purée, a fresh cauliflower salad and apple parisien with bison grass, as well as sweetbread with field berry purée, pain perdu and sage.

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The new head chef of Sztuczka restaurant for several years was associated with a huge hotel in the centre of Gdańsk and later worked in a sushi restaurant in Sopot for seven years. He was responsible for the hot dishes there. When he was leaving the aforementioned sushi restaurant, he already had a position of a head chef.

“Due to several years of adventure with Asian cuisine, Kamil can use its products in a thoughtful way. His style of cooking, which he wants to introduce in Sztuczka, is a combination of a classic cuisine with Polish products and an Asian twist. Of course, he will follow the path that Sztuczka developed over the years, that is brave flavours and original combination of ingredients. However, on every plate he wants to leave his signature” says Rafał Wałęsa, co-owner and founder of Sztuczka restaurant.

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At the same time Rafał Wałęsa, also a co-owner and a head chef of Sztuczka Bistro [Trick Bistro], a person without which Sztuczka wouldn’t exist, will have more control over and influence on the functioning of the kitchen. Rafał will check all Kamil’s ideas and offer his knowledge and experience as a help.

What can we expect in the Sztuczka restaurant in terms of cuisine under the wing of a new head chef? Surely not cliché dishes, but modernistic ones that at the same time respect culinary tradition. As always, they will allude to open to the world and cosmopolitan Gdynia. And they will do magic, as always in Sztuczka.



Antoniego Abrahama 40, 81-395 Gdynia

phone.: +48 58 622 24 94​

e-mail: rezerwacjasztuczka@gmail.com



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