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Four modern and tastefully decorated offices, X-ray study with 3D tomography, relaxing music in the background and interiors which would soothe even those who are not fond of visits to a dentist. This is Gdansk ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic, a place which warrants not only an excellent medical treatment, but it is also so friendly that the fear of a dentist disappears forever.

‘Perfect Smile’ dentists specialize in teeth implants and other modern procedures which apply the latest achievements in dental prosthetics and microscopic endodontics.

The implant-related procedures are carried out after a thorough analysis of 3D tomography photographs, which warrant the most precise implanting.

‘We perform all kinds of works on implants, including those with immediate loading, the so called “all on 4”. This is an innovative concept to restore teeth to the toothless patients. This is an alternative for mobile dentures. The permanent denture made on four implants deceptively resembles natural teeth,’ Marek Markiewicz M.D., the Clinic co-owner, explains.

Implants are introduced painlessly, in the least invasive way, with use of four implant systems. Which system to apply? This is a decision made by the dentist after consultancy with the patient. What is more important, the ‘Perfect Smile’ specialists belong to exclusive implant societies which unite implant experts from all over the world.

In highly specialized studies of esthetic dentistry of ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic every patient is treated individually. Generally, he is under supervision of one dentist who knows his medical history. This provides the patient with a sense of comfort and safety. The procedures are performed in a peaceful and intimate atmosphere. The patient has an opportunity to ‘participate’ in the procedure, because the dentist is in permanent contact with him and informs about the subsequent stages of medical treatment on current basis.

In ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic the patients may take advantage of a smile design according to Kois’ philosophy.‘Planning of all the stages of medical treatment is thus provided,’ Tomasz Zarański, ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic co-owner, says, ‘starting from orthodontics through implants to cosmetic dentistry. We deal with the most complicated cases when we face both missing teeth and pathologically worn out teeth. The modern methods give anticipated effects.’

The ‘Perfect Smile’ specialists continuously broaden their knowledge. Leading Implant Centers certificates, issued by Detusche Gesselschaft für Orale Implantologie or Polish Society of Implantology, are a guarantee of the highest quality medical treatment.

The Clinic concentrates on the patients’ comfort. The studies are fitted with TV-sets and a sound system thanks to which the patients may relax when watching a film or listening to peaceful music. Depending on the needs, the personnel provides pillows and blankets, which make a visit to ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic be even more comfortable.

Perfect Smile Zygmunta Noskowskiego 17a, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.perfect-smile.pl/ rejestracja@perfect-smile.pl +48 58 300 05 88

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