CARE MEDICA by Karolina Sozańska

Care Medica by Karolina Sozańska

Care Medica by Karolina Sozańska is an interdisciplinary aesthetic and modern medicine clinic.

It was founded out of passion, and out of need to create a unique space, in which care for health and beauty of a patient is an authentic value, and the atmosphere of respect is an important element of our everyday lives.

The fundamentals of operations for Care Medica by Karolina Sozańska is a holistic approach towards patients: a concept of broadly understood medical care, in which physical, as well as psychological and emotional aspects are equally important in maintaining life balance.

Physical beauty is one of the aspects that we work on with our patients, together with highly-qualified personnel. The procedures include: aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic gynaecology and urology, trichology, and cosmetology. Typical health services and sports medicine services include orthopaedic consultations and procedures, and physiotherapy care.

We support our patients in aesthetic metamorphoses, as well as internal changes, by providing support from a psychologist, sexologist, dietitian, holistic techniques therapist, and personal coach.

We provide complex care in different fields of therapy, based on knowledge and experience of our specialists, as well as newest therapies. These include: laser therapy, regenerative medicine, effective body shaping, hair transplants, physiotherapy, post-burn care, or diet. We personalise professional skin care, and create long-term treatment plans. We guide patients through the process of losing weight under the watchful eye of a psycho-dietitian, supported by cosmetologists and a physiotherapist.

Our philosophy is based in complex matching of services, products, and therapeutic solutions to individual needs of patients.

Patients, their needs, and health are our focal point. They are of paramount importance.

Holistic CareHAN6502 - Care Medica by Karolina Sozańska

CORE VALUES of  Care Medica:

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Discretion
  • Attention
  • Care
  • Cordiality
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Beauty
  • Ethics
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Support
  • Openness towards others
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Constant development
  • Modern treatment methods
  • reliable therapies
  • new technologies
  • reliable business partners
  • passion of creation
  • professional Team of specialists

“I have decided to create a brand and a place based on universal, timeless values. I have put my name behind the brand  Holistic Care Medical Clinic, in order to guarantee the best possible quality of patient medical care. It is my personal seal of approval over what I created with passion. A place, in which care about patient’s beauty and health are authentic values, and atmosphere of respect is an important element of our everyday lives”.



CARE MEDICA by Karolina Sozańska

Al. Zwycięstwa 241/6, Gdynia

Tritum Business Park, Nowe Orłowo

phone.: +48 796 771 170



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