Post-winter skin care treatment

Most of us heave a sigh of relief at the end of winter, but our new good mood can be darkened by poor skin condition. In the first weeks of spring it certainly requires purification and regeneration. However, not all aesthetic treatments give the same results. So what procedures should a post-winter treatment plan include?

Poisonous particles present in smog that have affected us in the last few months are a real enemy of healthy and beautiful skin. Unfortunately they not only cause overdrying, but also faster aging. At the end of winter, the complexion is less oxygenated, and its regenerative abilities leave a lot to be desired. In order to get rid of those issues and make your skin glow again, you should first of all think about thorough cleansing. However, this alone will not bring such good results as when it is combined with oxygenating and revitalizing treatments.

Pure means healthy and radiant

The beginning of spring is the last moment to thoroughly clean your skin of substances it absorbed during long-term exposure to smog. For a few years already a carbon scrub has been recognized as a hit among cleansing treatments, as it not only cleanses the skin in various layers but also improves its oxygenation. As explained by Iwona Ziemianowicz, the owner of Yasumi Institute of Health and Beauty in Sopot, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in smog are particularly harmful to skin. They absorb water from the epidermis, leaving your skin excessively dry, and they are carcinogenic.

The properties of carbon are not limited to the absorption of pollutants present in the air. Aging of skin is also accelerated by organic compounds, oxides, cigarette smoke and mites and fungi distributed by air conditioning. The CarbonPeel treatment offered by Yasumi is a perfect solution to these problems. – In this treatment, the active carbon CPY penetrates into skin pores and combines with impurities, which are later removed in a spectacular way with a 1320 nm laser beam.

The laser used during the procedure produces heat, which allows the body not only to get rid of impurities, but also to improve circulation and increase oxygenation of skin. The CarbonPeel treatment cleanses the complexion also in its deeper layers, i.e. skin pores. This results in the reduction of blackheads and regulation of sebum production. Ms Ziemianowicz explains that the higher supply of oxygen also results in resurfacing – nourishment, restoration of healthy color, smoothing out of fine wrinkles and increasing skin density.

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Spring regeneration continued

Cleansing is the first step to radiant skin, but regeneration usually requires a stronger therapy. The beginning of spring is the last moment for some revitalizing treatments, especially when we want to see the effects before summer. It is worth remembering that rebuilding collagen requires time, which is why the results of selected treatments deepen with time. So what can you have now to make your complexion glow even this spring?

Dr. Joanna Gruber-Miazga, a doctor of aesthetic medicine at ClinicaNova in Gdańsk, says that the real youth elixir, after a cold and long winter, is platelet rich plasma therapy, which reduces the unwanted effects of exposure to low temperature, dry air in heated rooms and a huge amount of smog. Dr. Gruber-Miazga says that this therapy is an ideal treatment for strong regeneration and revitalization of skin, which is exposed to many negative external factors in winter.

Mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma obtained from patient’s blood has been a hit regenerative treatment for a few years, mainly due to its effectiveness and safety. – The treatment stimulates regeneration and reconstruction of tissues, and promotes the reconstruction of collagen. It also speeds up the formation of new blood vessels. Dr. Gruber-Miazga adds that the best results of revitalization and skin remodeling can be obtained with at least 3 procedures every month.

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Let your skin breathe

An important element of regeneration is, as mentioned above, skin oxygenation, which is particularly important after winter. Due to the air from radiators and central heating, as well as frost and wind, the skin is dry and dull. Therefore it needs strong nutrition, brightening and rejuvenation. This result can be achieved with Oxy Geneo oxygenating treatment.

This is a 3-in-1 method, i.e. exfoliation, absorption of nutrients and oxygenation of skin. Exfoliating the outer layer of our skin creates an ideal environment for the absorption of essential nutrients. Depending on the effects we want to obtain, the treatment can be done in two versions: NeoRevive, which has a rejuvenating effect, and NeoBright, which brightens and nourishes our skin – says Anna Faluta-Kowalska, cosmetologist from La Bella Lounge in Gdynia.

It is worth remembering that combined therapies give the best results. Oxy Geneo is an excellent base for aesthetic medicine therapies and acid peels. As Ms Faluta-Kowalska adds, it can be combined with endermology, radio wave, ultrasound or face massage, or other procedures.

It is very important that some treatments are not postponed until later months. Sometimes, as in the case of laser carbon peeling, it is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun. That is why it is advisable to think about skin regeneration right now, when we have winter behind us, but it is still not too sunny to have a photosensitising treatment.

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