Quadrille SPA. Magical spells for body & soul

-Quadrille SPA is the only place in our hotel, where there’s no place for magic. It’s a place of holistic therapy. We combine relaxation therapies and care treatments with technology. It’s the synergy of high-tech treatments with active ingredients in cosmetics. This helps maintain young, healthy looks, and restore body balance – says Ewelina Araszkiewicz from Quadrille SPA, which is part of the Gdynia-based Quadrille hotel.

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Quadrille is a popular brand not only in Pomorskie region, but also across Poland. The unique idea behind the hotel complex is a synonym for top quality and novelty.  Quadrille Hotel offers magical interior taken straight out of Lewis Carroll’s novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The owners styled the entire complex to resemble this fairy tale. Visiting Quadrille is like going down the rabbit hole, straight into a world overflowing with magic. Treatments offered by Quadrille SPA complement accommodation offer, and the extraordinary fine dining experience of Biały Królik (White Rabbit) restaurant.

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There is all you need. A swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas, gym, innovative treatments, new technologies. As the owners put it: the most important thing is to keep balance between body and soul. This is why a traditional SPA offer has been combined with medicinal treatments and custom therapies that focus on human soul. All meant to calm down your mind and restore balance.

-We work in two ways. Manual face and body therapies: Selvert Thermal and Comfrot Zone, original massage sessions, standing bells and singing bowls, are recommended for psychophysical regeneration. Latest cosmetology solutions, on the other hand, such as Surgen, Zffiro, Endermologie LPG, Vectus, HydraFacial, or MedContour, guarantee excellent results in reducing fat tissue or eliminating excessive hair. They also help improve skin condition, rejuvenate, and reduce wrinkles – says Ewelina Araszkiewicz.

Rich offer of Quadrille SPA includes, among others, the Zaffiro thermal lifting  treatment, that uses IR radiation. Infrared light beam heats collage fibres, which reshapes them back to their original state, making the skin more elastic.

Med 2 Contour, on the other hand, is a non-invasive, non-surgical liposuction treatment. It allows to completely eliminate cellulite, as well as model the body. The ultrasonic Medical Med2 Contour machine emits 1 MHz ultrasonic waves that reach 4mm into skin. Ultrasonic waves break up fat cells, and then, in a massage session, eliminated from the organism.

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The most popular treatment among Quadrille’s guests is their original ritual. – It’s a ceremony of touching the body, soul, and mind. A massage that is meant for people who would like to relieve themselves of tensions. It combines classic massage techniques and working on deep tissue, with characteristic, long, smooth moves of lomi lomi massage, and pain-relieving touches of shiatsu. It relaxes, brings back balance, tones emotions, stimulates blood circulation, metabolism, as well as production of endorphins – explains Ewelina Araszkiewicz.

Quadrille Palace is the only hotel space in the entire Tri-City area that has been created according to the “adults only” philosophy. – We systematically invite our guests to embark on a magical journey deep inside themselves, with standing bells and singing bowls. What’s more, we regularly organise  “Sunday Spa” events. During Sunday Spa, entering our a˚quadrille zone between 12:00 and 22:00. Our hotel pub, 10/6, serves lunch, and price per person is 125 PLN – says the manager of Spa & Wellness Quadrille SPA.

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The staff of Quadrille SPA have been recruited from among top cosmetology specialists, as well as certified therapists. Among them are: certified shiatsu body worker, hatha-yoga instructor, visceral therapy specialist, sound massage specialist, and many others.

The only thing left to do is to follow the rabbit into the rabbit hole, and let it treat your body and soul.


Quadrille Hotel & Spa

Folwarczna 2, Gdynia

phone.: +48 58 351-03-20

email: spa@quadrille.pl



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