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Interview with Bartosz Bernat – a passionate SPA therapist

Małgorzata Trejtowicz
“The term “masseur” is too narrow – I take care of the physical well-being of customers. However, a massage session also soothes the mind.”
Day Spa Vita’O is a unique place in Gdynia. Straight from a busy street, we enter an enclave of harmony and relaxation. I have interviewed the founder of the beauty salon, a SPA therapist with a wealth of experience and passion, about the secrets of massage and its healing properties for both body and soul. Bartosz Bernat approaches each customer individually: any treatment is different and depends on the needs and lifestyle of a particular individual. I left Day Spa Vita’O reluctantly: the ambient music, smell, and energy attract and genuinely soothe nerves – even before a massage experience. And the selection encompasses a wide range of choices.

Malgorzata Trejtowicz: What brought you to found the Day Spa Vita’O almost a decade ago?

Bartosz Bernat: The idea for DAY SPA was born when I returned from Kołobrzeg to my home town of Gdynia. In Kołobrzeg, I worked at a hotel that could boast a beautiful SPA Gallery. I fitted in perfectly there and I felt that it was what I wanted to do, but on my own. From one perspective, I see that I took a serious risk because I hadn’t explored the market of Tri-city massage therapy and DAY SPA salons. One can say that I was lifted up by my youth and optimism. I didn’t pay attention to competition – I created my own space, where I wanted people to relax and calm their nerves.

How do you recall the beginnings of Day Spa Vita’O?

The beginnings were modest. I started from two massage beds and an assumption that time stops in DAY SPA: no hurrying, watching the time, no ringing phones. Subsequent years increased my consciousness as to how the interior can influence the atmosphere. Its gradual metamorphosis takes place until today. Of course, the offer was also expanding – I wanted to enable clients to not only regenerate during the massage but to provide other services, such as skincare treatments. In time, the crew Day Spa Vita’O has grown, and now marketing and advertising is taken care of by our manager.

spavitao zdjecie glowne - Interview with Bartosz Bernat – a passionate SPA therapistwnetrze spavitao2 - Interview with Bartosz Bernat – a passionate SPA therapistSPA therapist

On your web site I read that you treat your work holistically. What does it mean to you?

The effects of a visit to Day SPA Vita’O are visible at the moment of crossing the threshold. The sense of stopping time, which I have already mentioned, is achieved using interior design,ambient music and scents. As a SPA therapist – the term “masseur” is too narrow – I take care of the physical well-being of customers. However, a massage session also soothes the mind. We combine aromatherapy and music treatment with the therapeutic properties of different types of massage. Many “rituals” you can continue at home. For example, after a massage with herb stamps, the customer takes them home and uses them to prepare a healthy bath. We treat each guest individually. A detailed interview before the session is very important. Each body is different, there are various skin types, different muscle tensions, so each massage is different.

The offer of Day SPA Vita’O includes exotically-sounding therapy names. I was particularly interested in Abhayanga massage, which originates from ancient Indian medicine – Ayurvedic practices that date back five thousand years.

I believe that Abhayanga is the queen among massages. Ayurveda, which is gaining more interest in Western countries, offers natural methods of treatment that are inextricably connected with healthy diet, attention to physical fitness, and even good thoughts. Abhayanga is derived from this system and has relaxing properties, but is also beneficial for the organism. It helps to purify the organism from toxins, helps to fight insomnia ,and with the use of the hot sesame oil, nourishes and tightens the skin.

Abhayanga ritual consumes a lot of energy of the therapist, and the person who is massaged enters a state of deep relaxation. After the procedure I recommend clients to avoid strenuous or stressful tasks, because their body needs time to exit the state of relaxation. As I mentioned before, not only muscles and internal organs relax, which also benefit from massage, but also the mind.

Please, let us into the secret of your original massage therapy – the Balthazar’s Ritual.

More than ten years of experience, including the knowledge of several massage techniques has allowed me to create a very original treatment in the form of an innovative, original massage therapy: THE BALTHAZAR’S RITUAL. It is a response to our clients’ expectations. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. The unique oriental technique is inspired by the philosophy of Polynesian, Ayuverdian and Thai massage techniques. Its main aim is to stimulate the energy channels of the body in order to correct the flow of energy. Massage is to stimulate chakras in order to maintain balance of body and soul.

This procedure consists of concentrated, liquid and intuitive movements leading to the achievement of a higher state of consciousness, similar to that which we experience during meditation. From the technical side, the massage is based on stroking, compression and stretching. The cosmetic used for the ritual is a nutritious, smoothing lotion with an exquisite fragrance that has deeply moisturizing qualities. As a masseur with many years of experience I individually select techniques used and, depending on the needs and preferences, their potency and intensity. For this, movements of hands, forearms and elbows are used. All this creates a very coherent, sensual whole that allows you to experience exceptional moments that will remain in the memory for a long time.

Our Readers who are looking for ways regenerate their bodies for spring. Do you have any suggestions?

Our SPA rituals are based on organic cosmetics prepared by Organique company. You can choose from a multiple of combined treatments, such as Morning Coffee or Cranberry Vitamin Bomb. Clients undergo a cleansing peeling session, then serum and masks tailored to the individual needs of the skin are applied, and the whole treatment ends with a massage with nutritional Shea body lotion. High quality, fragrant cosmetics guarantee effects.

Do Poles appreciate the role of massage for health, or is it still considered to be a whim?

The health consciousness of Poles – and I mean not only massage, but diet and exercise – is growing. Indeed, when I began my adventure with massaging, already outside the world of wealthy hotel guests, it was received as whim. People used to think about massage as something luxurious. Fortunately, thinking has changed. Above all, if someone tries once and with a good specialist, they see the effects and want more. Regular massage provides energy: we have no problems waking up in the morning, we feel the flexibility of our body, and we are not bothered by muscular pains.


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