TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in Pomerania

Modern devices, care over patient’s comfort and safety of the conducted procedures, constantly perfecting their offers -best clinics compete in achieving the proverbial perfection in their services. Such places are found also in Pomerania. Today, we present the TOP 5 of selected clinics, which follow all of the abovementioned criteria and enjoy good opinions among patients.

How to find a good aesthetic clinic or a beauty parlour? Specialised staff is no longer the only aspect in question, especially if comfort also comes into consideration. The latter is often secured by means of modern technologies, throughout which the efficiency of care and beautifying procedures are accompanied by safety and often shorter periods of convalescence. Many clinics, wanting to address the expectations of patients, apart from exercising modern devices also try to provide new formulas and approach beauty holistically. The best facilities operating in Pomerania are no exceptions to that. Here are the 5 best Pomeranian beauty clinics, where doctors and beauticians explore the gains of modern technologies.

Babian Insitute & Art Vein Clinic in Gdańsk

The Babian Institute and Art Vein Clinic constitute an ideal instance of joining aesthetic procedures with treatment of vein disease. The Babian Cosmetology Institute comprises in its offer both the nursing and removal of aesthetic defects as well as the anti-aging prophylactics and slimming/modelling the silhouette. Due to a close co-operation with the Art Vein Clinic, the facility is also able to aid those patients whose aesthetic problems result from aortas and veins diseases. The genetic tests introduced by the Babian Institute are the cream of the crop of recognising the wrinkles occurrence predispositions, absorbing vitamins, regeneration and appearance of discolouring or infectious changes, which in turns allows for individualisation of skin care based on the acquired knowledge.

AgnieszkaKo%C5%9Bnik Zaj%C4%85c - TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in PomeraniaInstytutBabiana.GenoTest - TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in Pomerania

Kosma Clinic in Bytów

It is a venue which proves that in order to use world-class devices one does not have to go to a clinic in a large city. The facility in Bytom combines a selection of the most modern technologies with a comprehensive aesthetic care, whose examples are, apart from exquisite lasers used in reducing those more and less common imperfections, the Personal Training Studio, the Dental Department as well as two convenient apartments for outer-rim patients. The devices, selected by owners, constitute a sort of a machine park supported by an extended offer in the scope of anti-aging therapy, banquet procedures as well as silhouette shaping methods renowned by doctors from all over the world.

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Dr. Kubik Medical Centre in Gdynia

Not only is it one of the best clinics in Pomerania, but also – in terms of equipment – in all of Poland. Its founder and owner, dr. Paweł Kubik, has followed his passion for both aesthetic medicine and modern technologies while establishing it. Dr. Kubik’s Medical Centre’s offer comprises the most modern procedure technologies in a nutshell, although the comprehensive health and anti-aging prophylactics are of equal importance here, as they are realised by means of combination of aesthetic medicine and professional cosmetology. Medical packages, comprising yearly health and aesthetic care, are of no less importance, being unique in the scale of the country.

dr kubik fot.%20Iwo Ledwo%C5%BCyw - TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in Pomerania

Photo. IHIL Ivo Ledwożyw Photography

Lorenzo Coletti in Słupsk, Rumia and Gdańsk

The renowned Lorenzo Coletti network is expanding in new towns, having operated since last year not only in Słupsk or Rumia but also in Gdańsk. These are doctor’s offices aiming at a clear goal: to rewind time both safely and efficiently. Lorenzo Coletti facilities perfectly manage to combine medical cosmetology with trichology, thus allowing their patients to get rid of wrinkles or discolouring as well as cellulites, balding or unwanted tattoos. Their offer is based on the use of medical apparatus made by an Italian manufacturer BiotecItalia, while procedures conducted with their use, ideal for people who really care for their appearance, have been recommended by the one and only Katarzyna Figura.

Lorenzo Coletti Gda%C5%84sk fot.4 olga kharina - TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in PomeraniaLorenzo Coletti Gda%C5%84sk fot. olga kharina - TOP 5: Best beauty clinics in Pomerania

Photo. Olga Kharina,

Dermatologica and Cosmetologica in Gdańsk

It would be a grave mistake to omit the facilities of Dermatologica nd Cosmetologica in Gdańsk, who combined together constitute an extraordinary spot on the map of the Tricity. An aesthetic clinic and a cosmetic parlour mutually supplement one another, thus complimenting the dermatological offer with a cosmetic one. Their services are provided by renowned doctors implementing both their own knowledge and modern technologies. Laser procedures with platelet-rich-plasma, reducing wrinkles with botulinum toxin or modelling the silhouette and firming the skin of the whole body, by means of the methods used, have been developed to perfection. The wide-range offer of the clinic can be certified by the present and gaining instant popularity an offer of trichology, namely procedures aiming at strengthening hair and inhibiting baldness.

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