About the projects

Pomorskie Prestige

We warmly welcome you to the fascinating world of Pomorskie Prestige – a unique project bringing together recommended offers from the picturesque Pomeranian region. We dedicate this portal to people who are looking for unique experiences. Our offer is not only for tourists visiting the region for the first time, but also for regular visitors and residents of Pomerania. Our project will allow them to look at the familiar surroundings from a different perspective or to rediscover their home.

Our main goal is to select and present the unique experiences that await you in the Pomerania region. We create a space for local businesses to present their offer to new customers and other entrepreneurs. We respect your time and want to give you what matters most – great memories and experiences that will stay with you for years to come. So make yourself at home in the world of Pomorskie Prestige and discover the hidden treasures of the region.

The project is authored by the Pomorska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna [Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization] (PROT), and its partners – local governments in the Pomeranian region and local businesses.

What can you find on our website? 

Culinary inspirations

Do you want to experience true flavours of the region? With us you can explore the world of unique, local delicacies. Exceptional restaurants serving dishes prepared with regional products will reveal the culinary gems of Pomorskie region. It’s a journey of flavours rooted in the history of the region and its unique products. Listen to our podcast “Czary-Gary” – you will find fascinating culinary stories, listen to inspiring guests and interesting conversations.

Health and wellness

Take care of your body and mind at the best wellness & spa centres. Find out where you can safely book specialized services in aesthetic medicine, dentistry or other areas of healthcare. Benefit from the recommendations and expertise of our experts.

Amber and design
Discover the amazing handicraft – a tribute to the cultural heritage. Discover the beauty of amber —  a unique treasure of the Pomorskie region. Visit art galleries where you can see local and international works of art. Be inspired by regional design that combines tradition with a modern twist. Stay up to date with the latest events that will provide you with unforgettable experiences and a unique atmosphere.


If you’re a fan of active leisure, we have a lot to offer. Play at the best local golf courses, try your hand at sailing or other water sports. Regardless of what your interests might be – you’ll certainly find something for yourself.

Shopping and lifestyle

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and shopping in the Pomorskie region. Get inspired by trends, discover local brands, designer boutiques and vintage shops. Explore the best shopping malls and choose from a variety of offers.

Slow life

Experience the idyllic life in the spirit of slow life – relaxation and detachment from everyday life in beautiful countryside settings. Discover inspiring tourist proposals that will bring harmony and peace to your life. Enjoy nature, practice mindfulness and explore eco-friendly ways of living.

Regional events
Discover the dates of events in the Pomorskie region calendar! Check the dates of the most interesting concerts, music festivals, fairs, exhibitions and choose the best ones for yourself. Stay up to date and do not miss out on regional attractions!

We would like the website to be your guide to the best attractions, flavours, experiences and inspirations that Pomorskie region has to offer. Through cooperation with local partners, we provide you with unforgettable moments and full satisfaction in getting to know the Pomorskie region. Discover what’s best with us!