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Apiary Miodolandia is run by a married couple: Mirella and Mateusz Browarczyk. It is located mainly in the Żuławy Gdańskie Protected Landscape Area, which is famous for its beautiful fields of rapeseed. The apiary is partly migratory, thanks to which bees obtain many types of honey: rapeseed, multiflorous, sunflower, buckwheat, heather, honeydew and nectar-honeydew. In addition to honey, propolis, bee pollen are also obtained. Miód ŻUŁAWSKI is a unique product, who received the “Pearl 2021 Our Culinary Heritage, Tastes of the Regions” award. It consists of nectar from rape, hawthorn and faba bean, it is a delicate honey with a characteristic coarse crystallization. Mirella i Mateusz in addition to running an apiary and obtaining bee products, run workshops that popularize beekeeping and healthy food. They are aimed at children as well as adults.

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