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I am a phytotherapist, herbalist. Wild -growing plants have been my huge passion for years. I try to use their potential by creating herbal blends, hydrolates, vinegars, kombucha and other products. I collect herbs in accordance with the following herbal ethics: at the right time of the day, during the appropriate flowering period of each plant and only as much as I can process in a day. I process the collected plants. Products I create most often are hydrolates, which are water-based extracts used as substitutes for dry spices. I distill herbs in a copper alembic. One of the most popular extract is hydrolate from lovage, a healthier version of ” Maggi” seasoning. Extract from lovage does not contain salt, monosodium glutamate or other substances harmful to health. Adding it to soups or sauces imparts a wonderful aromatic flavour and is a great alternative for children who dislike visible herbs floating in their soups.

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