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I live in a charming village named Cieciorka in Kociewie. I raise goats, and from their milk, I create cheeses infused with fresh  and dried herbs and flowers. Farmhouse cheeses are a real treat for the palate. Produced with the utmost care, they offer unique tasting experiences. Fresh cheeses have a delicate and creamy texture, perfect for instantaneous consumption. On the other hand, aged cheeses develop their rich flavor characteristics. The addition of dried and fresh herbs, as well as flowers, gives them a distinctive character. Flowers add subtle and aromatic accents, while herbs enrich them with bold notes. The richness of flavors and aromas makes goat cheeses highly popular among connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts. Whether served on a cheese platter during gatherings or used in the kitchen to prepare exquisite dishes, these cheese specialties will undoubtedly enhance every tasting moment.

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