It’s Christmas time…

When Christmas tree lights brighten up our homes, the sounds of Christmas carols linger in the air, and aroma of traditional, Christmas dishes tickles our noses, it’s a sign that we will soon gather around the tables to celebrate this great, special time. The time of Christmas.

Each year, Christmas is one of the most awaited Christian holidays. It varies, when it comes to its rituals, from country to country, but its meaning is universal: Christians all around the world gather to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ. In Pomorskie, as well as throughout entire Poland, Christmas menu comprises 12 meals, which represent fruit of the earth. According to tradition, you have to taste each one in order to be lucky in the incoming year.

A traditional Polish Christmas Eve supper begins with a traditional red beet soup, borscht, served with mushroom-stuffed, ravioli-like dumplings. It is prepared with vegetables and bay leaves, which gives the soup its unique, delicious taste.

Gdynia-based restaurant Biały Królik offers a twist on this classic, red brew, and serves hibiscus borscht.

IMG 9873 - It’s Christmas time...IMG 9876 - It’s Christmas time...

Piwna 47 restaurant, on the other hand, reminds us about mushroom soup with fried boletus and herbal noodles.

piwna 1 - It’s Christmas time...piwna 2 - It’s Christmas time...

Traditionally, fish is served during Christmas Eve supper instead of meat. Abundance of fish in our region provides the opportunity to taste best quality, delicious, fresh fish. The most important fish during Christmas is carp, prepared according to various traditional Polish recipes. Pomorskie is full of ecological fish farms, where carps are fed with grain and healthy water plants, which allows them to live, and mature, for more than few years.

Metamorfoza restaurant offers blue carp, which is boiled with scales in vinegar. The head chef serves it with black garlic chip, sprinkled with roasted onion. The fish is served on a unique, fish scale plate from Shadowland workshop.

meta 1 - It’s Christmas time...meta 5 - It’s Christmas time...

Although delicious, carp is a very controversial fish, with a lot of fish bones and a specific flavour, and it is not eaten by everyone. Pomorskie, however, offers plenty of alternatives, such as: trout, cod, zander, or even tench or pike.

Zafishowani serves just that: zander with green risotto, red beet mousse, and caramelised apple.

zafiszowani 1 - It’s Christmas time...zafiszowani 2 - It’s Christmas time...

On the first and second days of Christmas, we eat the best meat has to offer.
Kubicki restaurant serves duck confit with red cabbage, with steamed yeast dumplings and honey-sesame sauce.

kubicki 4 - It’s Christmas time...kubicki 6 - It’s Christmas time...

Specialties in Sztuczka restaurant in Gdynia, on the other hand, include fried deer loin with red cabbage emulsion, plum and rowan chutney, with savoy cabbage pesto and fregola pasta, kale chips, and deer gravy with buckwheat honey.

sztuczka 3 - It’s Christmas time...sztuczka 4 - It’s Christmas time...

Filharmonia restaurant reminds us about traditional pierogi, with their duck, salmon and mushroom dumplings.

filha 3 - It’s Christmas time...filha 4 - It’s Christmas time...

Traditional Christmas desserts in Poland are usually gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cake, cheesecake, and poppy seed cake.

Filharmonia restaurant encourages to walk off the beaten track a little bit with their cheesecake made from smoked cream cheese, with redcurrant coulis.

filha 5 - It’s Christmas time...

Although Poles stick to traditional cooking during Christmas, they don’t lack courage and imagination to experiment in the kitchen, and invent and come across new combinations of ingredients. And although traditional Christmas food is always delicious, let us not forget that the main ingredient for their unique flavour is the presence of our loved ones in Christmas time.


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