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This art installation received recognition at the 2009 Gdańsk Outdoor Gallery International Competition (3rd edition) for its subtle references to the significance of amber in building the local identity and a minimalist approach to the visual quality of public space. The installation uses transparent resin stones with a built-in LED lighting system. The lights glow with varying intensity, as if channelling the rhythm of a breathing person. Different modern artefacts of various shapes and sizes, such as a mobile phone, have been embedded in the resin to mimic insects trapped in amber.

Amber Drops is a permanent, site-specific installation located in the Dolne Miasto (Low Town) district under an overpass at Szopy Street. The light pulsating from each stone and its reflexes on the metallic mirror surface of the Invisible Gate installation by Front Studio make its surroundings look alive and breathing. The installation is located in Szopy Street, Gdańsk, and is overseen by the Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art


Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk

phone.: + 48 58 305 40 50

e-mail: office@laznia.pl


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