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Glamping is a combination of two English words: glamorous and camping. It can be loosely translated as “staying in a luxurious tent.”  In The Pomeranian region there are several glamping sites offering unforgettable experiences, comfortable conditions and contact with nature.

In touch with nature – deluxe edition

A luxurious tent – sounds good, doesn’t it? On the one hand, you have everything that you would get on a real camping trip: contact with nature, camp fire, the scent of woods or meadow and on the other hand – you sleep in a comfortable bed and instead of flashlight you have a lamp on the night stand which creates an incredibly magical ambience. Glamping is a good solution for people who want to go camping but value hotel-like comfort. They like contact with nature, but don’t want to sleep on uncomfortable sleeping mats and want to feel safe in case of, for example, unexpected rain. Ultimately, glamping is an excellent option for those who are looking for unique experiences and like to stay in unusual places.

Where to go glamping in The Pomeranian region?

The Pomeranian region is full of places that are perfect for outdoor recreation. Vast green areas, beautiful Kashubian landscapes and the sea breeze are major advantages of this region. If you have made up your mind and want to experience Pomeranian glamping – we can recommend some places worth going.

First of all, visit the Kashubian Lake District. Comfortable tents on the edge of the forest, next to a peat bog lake are  where the hosts, Iza and Andrzej, invite you to their Kashubian fairytale – Glamping Môłô Wies in Pomysk Wielki. You can also go to Melody Village in The Kashubian Lake District, where you can see the most spectacular sunsets.  Looking for additional sensations?  If so, your next destination is Borsk because that is where you will find a place called Podniebny Glamping  – in addition to an otherworldly overnight stay you can also go paragliding or fly the gyroplane. Another interesting alternative is a stay in elegantly equipped yurts in Pawłowo at 4rest Camp or in Chutor Dzikie Łąki in Tuchom. In Salinko Glamping, you have a choice of 3 extraordinary tents and can pick the one which best suits your glamping style: a Scandinavian Hygge, Boho Bali or The Magic of Orient. And if you’re looking for something with a more modern vibe, Borowy Glamp is a place for you: located not far from Chojnice, it surprises visitors with its white, spherical tents which at first glance look like a space camp. 

Glamping is a perfect concept for those who value comfort, but at the same time miss contact with nature. If you like elegance, but staying in classical hotels is not exactly what you need – choose glamping in Pomorskie district.

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