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Sycowa Huta, a small Kashubian village lies near Mielnica lake, which is part of the Kashubian Lake District. It seems like the land of plenty. Here, among green forests and meadows, in the heart of nature, lies Guzkówka. Here, weary travellers can rest.

A wooden house with an impressive garden is located just by the lake. One of a kind, Pomeranian paradise. Guzkówka, an agritourism farm managed with heart and devotion. The name, Guzkówka, comes from the name of the owner’s grandfather, Jan Guzek. In this way, Adam Pniewski decided to pay tribute to his ancestor.

-Our small property has a special place in our hearts – says Adam Pniewski. – Guzkówa is a retreat that allows us to escape from the city, and all the related hustle & bustle. This place is a manifestation of lack of agreement to the commotion. We live here and we share our home with other people. We want to give other people the best we have. We are in the middle of a forest, and we boast with it. You can hear birds singing, you can spot animals approach the fencing. It is peace and quiet for everyone who is fed up with every day’s treadmill.

There are eight rooms available in Guzkówka. You can rent the entire building, or just one room.

Each stay is a possibility to experience Adam’s cooking. – Here, you enjoy peace, quiet, and food – he says. – My specialty is Polish cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. I offer regional dishes, with products that are available at a given moment. These include chanterelle mushrooms, local honey or herbs in autumn, for example. I serve eggs from free range hens, and my cottage cheese is made with milk from local, happy cows. This kind of cooking is an attraction, and a surprise, for guests. I have no menu. Each day, I decide what to cook.

Aside from delicious dinner, guests can enjoy home made jams and tinctures (“nalewka”).

How does one spend time in Guzkówka? Countless paths encourage taking a stroll, jogging, cycling, or Nordic walking. Winter, on the other hand, will help us burn calories during cross-country skiing. Autumn visits, on the other hand, call for mushroom and forest fruit picking. Fishing experts and amateurs can take advantage of two jetties and boats. The nearby lake is full of tench and pike fish. What is more, when you catch a fish you can then roast it over the fire, on a grill, or smoke under the owners’ watchful eye.

As Adam Pniewski puts it: – Guzkówka is a unique place, because it is ours. It is a place that gives solace. We created it thinking of people who are extremely active on a professional level. When they come here, they will be tended to.



Sycowa Huta 29, Wąglikowice

tel.: +48 601 406 176

e-mail: guzkowka@guzkowka.pl

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