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Wejherowo is a well-known town that has for years been part of the so-called little Tri-City. But not everyone knows what enchanted secrets its direct neighbourhood holds.

Enchanted Forest in Marszewo

Sounds like a fairy tale, and it is exactly this. The Marszewo Botanical Garden has been founded in 2010. A stroll along its alleys is a true feast for the senses. The garden comprises not only trees and shrubs from all around the world, but also green meadows, orchards with various ancient fruit trees, as well as the true nature’s gems: medicinal herbs. I had no idea how many of those I had passed during my morning strolls, unaware of their beneficial properties. I recommend familiarising yourself with the offer beforehand, and enrolling in educational workshops. The thing that impressed me the most, however, was the trail of Alice in the Magical Forest. The symbolic entrance through the keyhole lets your imagination free. Along the trail, there are upscaled figures of forest insects, the labyrinth of senses, and loads of trivia on information boards. The landscape here is exceptional, so is the historical value of the region. So, my next stop was one of the most interesting sacral sites in Poland.

Kalwaria Wejherowska — Wejherowo Calvary — a Baroque gem hidden in the woods

It is a true gem for all those in love with sacral art and architecture. Its size is enough to impress anyone — I had not been aware of how vast the area it occupied was. The Calvary is a complex of 26 chapels, funded in the 17th century by Jan Wejher, the founder of Wejherowo. They were placed on three hilltops, and the distance between them corresponds to the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem. You have to be quite fit to take the stroll along the forest alleys. Fortunately, the entire place is well-thought over, with places to rest, and well-marked routes. Each chapel has a handful of soil brought from Jerusalem. It is a popular place of pilgrimage, and each year the Good Friday re-enactment of the Way of the Cross attracts thousands. After I had taken the tour of the chapels, I went to the lovely town located in the valley — Wejherowo.

Time to explore Wejherowo!

It is an unexplored place for most people, and in reality — a small town with a rich cultural offer. I began my visit with a walk on the historical city market, and then I continued to the glazed, modern building, the Wejherowo Cultural Centre. I was stunned by the architecture of its impressive hallway, and then it only got better. During the tour I had the familiar, yet rare feeling of astonishment combined with respect towards whoever planned the building. An excellent concert stage, professional technical facilities: cinema auditoriums, recording studio, costume workshops, darkroom, and many more. Numerous workshops for teenagers are held here, and the effects of their work are visible on the walls in the form of both paintings, and photographs. From time to time, you can notice a display case filled with international awards. There is also a free art gallery on the premises, and the event portfolio is so rich that I had planned an August visit myself. The icing on the cake is an observation deck on the roof that offers a panorama of the city and neighbouring hills. The town’s location is also an advantage: the Tri-City public transport will get you here in no time.

Nordowi Mól — the Northern Place

This restaurant enchanted me even before I got to take a look at the menu. You can see there is no place for coincidence here. All the details were polished both inside, and outside. The interior design is based on regional, Kashubian motifs. Nothing says local pride more than the number and quality of details you will find there. I was not mistaken, the charismatic owner shared his inspirations, trivia about the dishes and customs. This is what makes this place so special. The menu includes top-quality Kashubian cuisine.

Everything is based on products from local suppliers, as well as those from the restaurant’s garden. If you have ever wondered how the blood soup tastes, you will not find a better one anywhere in Poland, in my opinion. I also recommend local goose and fish. A couple of storks took a liking to this spot, and built a nest three years ago. The guests can observe them live or on a TV screen inside the restaurant. Accommodation was recently included in the offer.

Sea side tourism — the slow edition

Folwark Jackowo — Jackowo Manor Farm — is a place with a vibe, surrounded by a park, and located far away from people. After breakfast, which is based on products from the farm, you can take a walk, or ride a horse down a forest path to the nearby wild beach. If you are into yoga, you can exercise in designated areas. It is important to note that you can take your pets with you. It is hard to imagine a better place for rest.

Exploring places like Wejherowo brings me satisfaction, as I love to break stereotypes. Breath-taking landscapes, interesting history, beautiful architecture are all for the taking for those who have become tired of tourist-trampled destinations.

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