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What do you gain from participation in the project?

We are delighted that you are interested in joining the Pomorskie Prestige project as our Partner!

As a Partner, you will join an elite group of places, businesses, restaurants, hotels, SPA centres and other attractions that stand out for their high quality, authentic character and dedication to local culture and heritage. In addition, you will gain a wide range of opportunities to present your offer to a wide audience seeking unforgettable experiences and inspiring places in Pomorskie region.

Together, we build unique stories, create unforgettable impressions, and promote the Pomorskie region as a place worth returning to. We believe in the value of cooperation and mutual support, which is why we provide our partners with comprehensive promotional tools, counselling and the opportunity to participate in unique initiatives and events.







The Pomorskie Prestige project is open to various facilities that offer unique services, attractions and experiences in the Pomorskie region.


  1. Restaurants, cafés and food halls: If you run a restaurant or a gastronomic establishment that offers unique flavours and dishes based on local products, we would like to get to know you. We help to promote the culinary diversity of the Pomorskie region and appreciate your commitment in creating authentic culinary experiences.


  1. Hotels and SPA centres: If you run a hotel or spa resort that offers luxury stays, relaxation and well-being services, we invite you to join us. Pomorskie Prestige is an opportunity to promote unique leisure experiences, inspiring spaces and professional services.


  1. Shopping malls: If you manage a shopping mall that offers not only retail space but also inspiring locations, unique events and urban attractions, we would be happy to cooperate with you. We look forward to promoting shopping experiences in the Pomorskie region and supporting local brands and designers.


  1. Art studios, galleries and handicraft shops: If you are an artist, artisan or run a shop offering unique works of art, handicrafts, jewellery or regional products, we invite you to join our project. Pomorskie Prestige is an excellent platform for promoting local design, culture and creative talents.


  1. Other tourist attractions and experiences: If you run a different form of tourist attraction, such as an amusement park, museum, recreational centre or themed workshops, we would be happy to learn about your offer. Pomorskie Prestige is an excellent opportunity to present unique experiences that attract tourists from around the world.


If you share our passion for promoting the Pomorskie region, offer high-quality services, authentic experiences and want to co-create the prestigious image of the Pomorskie region, we warmly invite you to join the Pomorskie Prestige project.



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