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We would like to be your guide to the best attractions, flavours, experiences and inspirations that Pomorskie region has to offer. Through cooperation with local partners, we provide you with unforgettable moments and full satisfaction in getting to know the Pomorskie region. Discover what's best with us!
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Almond Hotel

Almond Hotel is a unique place for the modern people who seek for relaxation and a moment for themselfes. This is a hotel where tradition and history meet comfort and modernity. Almond is also a place for important business meetings. The Almond Hotel is the center of events and at the same time an intimate atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle, as it is only 7 minutes from the Neptune Fountain. Almond Hotel has also to offer a fantastic swimming pool. Our Almond SPA is also an intimate Jacuzzi, a dry sauna, a steam room where the scents of essential oils float, a relaxation area and 5 treatment rooms.

Amber Hammam

Amber Hammam SPA in Gdańsk is a place where the magical power of amber is combined with Hammam - the oriental method of body cleansing. It's a luxurious amber health SPA, where you can regenerate your body and soul during one of the many nurturing, cleansing and healing treatments.


Ecological preserves, jams, juices. This is Anna Socha’s idea for tasty treats. She grows black currant , and uses its fruit to prepare top quality, delicious preserves. Annature blackcurrant jams come in different varieties: sweet, semi-sweet, and savoury. Only cane sugar is added as a sweetener. Thanks to special technological process, blackcurrant juices are obtained without added water, which rises them to an entirely different level.
Feliksa Nowowiejskiego 5, 80-274 Gdańsk, Polska

Apiary Miodolandia

Apiary Miodolandia is run by a married couple: Mirella and Mateusz Browarczyk. It is located mainly in the Żuławy Gdańskie Protected Landscape Area, which is famous for its beautiful fields of rapeseed. The apiary is partly migratory, thanks to which bees obtain many types of honey: rapeseed, multiflorous, sunflower, buckwheat, heather, honeydew and nectar-honeydew. In addition to honey, propolis, bee pollen are also obtained. Miód ŻUŁAWSKI is a unique product, who received the "Pearl 2021 Our Culinary Heritage, Tastes of the Regions" award. It consists of nectar from rape, hawthorn and faba bean, it is a delicate honey with a characteristic coarse crystallization. Mirella i Mateusz in addition to running an apiary and obtaining bee products, run workshops that popularize beekeeping and healthy food. They are aimed at children as well as adults.


All the Arbata containers are manufactured manually, with the use of natural resources. The base consists of a white stoneware mass, which is coloured with natural paint. The regional touch is not without significance. Many ornaments are inspired by traditional designs from Pomorskie region.

Atelier Smaku

We can feed you, we can dress you up, and we can decorate your apartment. We sometimes also help to fix the soul – say Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak. A charismatic couple of Gdynia-based designers finely combine fashion, design and… cuisine. They design clothes, decorate apartments, and are devoted to their passion, which is vegan food. They present it in TV shows, their YouTube channel, and cook books. You can also taste their vegan specialties in a dedicated food truck.


BATYCKI brand is a synonym of prestige and luxury. Leather bags, wallets, briefcases and other accessories bearing the Company logo have been well known to Polish men and women for decades. This is one of the oldest companies in Poland which deals with manufacture of the best quality leather goods.

Bistro Chyba Ryba

The Chyba Ryba restaurant opened its doors to guests for the first time 2 April 2021 and since then it has been constantly delighting. It is a combination of passion and true culinary artistry by chefs Kamil Kowalski and Paweł Winiarczyk. Chef’s use the gifts of Dębki, buying fish from local fishermen, and the forests of Białogóra provide wonderful mushrooms. In addition to fish items, the menu also includes meat and vegetarian dishes, and dishes for children have been composed with special care for the youngest guests. If you are looking for innovative combinations, outstanding flavors and professional service in a seaside town, be sure to visit Bistro Chyba Ryba.  

Bistro Progres

Bistro Progres is a place on the map of the Tricity, located in the heart of the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz district, on the famous Garnizon. In the building of a former officers' canteen, we have created a modern interior with a bright restaurant room (for 50 people) and terrace. The name of the company refers to our continuous development, we have moved from Do Studzienki Street, where we ran the Family & Business Bistro - a small and intimate restaurant - for many years. You can go to our restaurant in Garnizon for a healthy and nutritious lunch, a family dinner or a sumptuous supper. We serve seasonal dishes prepared from fresh produce brought in from local suppliers. Above all, we make sure that the meals are not only tasty, but also light and wholesome. The menu is constantly updated with novelties that will delight even the most demanding guests.

Blikpol Eye Clinic Sopot

Blikpol Eye Clinic in Sopot offers state-of-the-art technologies in vision correction and cataract treatment, as well as employs outstanding doctors with various narrow specialisations.

Bluszczowa 36 restaurant

Bluszczowa 36 restaurant is located in the Pałac Łebunia. We serve dishes based on natural ingredients from local suppliers. Seasonal products allow our guests to enjoy a variety of dishes. The spacious restaurant and terraces are a great place to celebrate meals with your loved ones.

Brasserie Tu Można Marzyć

Brasserie “Tu Można Marzyć” is a place with European cuisine in a modern style. The menu here changes with the seasons to take full advantage of the best seasonal produce. In addition to a selected menu, weekend specials and a wide range of breakfasts, the brasserie is famous for its artisanal bread and masterful desserts. In the summer season, outdoor seating is available, where dishes straight from the grill are served.

Brovarnia Gdańsk

Our delicious dishes are made with natural, fresh products, delivered by our regional suppliers. Fresh fish, vegetables, eco poultry and mushrooms from local forests are examples of the products used by our Chef every day. At the same time, the best beer in Poland, that we produce in our brewery in a completely natural way, is the result of reviving the best Gdansk brewing traditions by Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk.

Browar Miejski Sopot

The brewery is located in the most representative part of Sopot, near the church of St. George, at Bohaterów Monte Cassino street. This place is both a brewery, and a restaurant. The menu consists of culinary inspirations from the local Pomeranian cuisine. Those interested in brewing can participate in beer workshops. These are available for both Polish and foreign groups.

Browar Piwna

Browar Piwna Brewery is famous for its many styles of beers that have their roots in many different parts of the world (among others, Belgium, the USA, the Czech Republic, Germany, or Great Britain). Regular offer always include two types of pils beer and a wheat beer. The remaining one aims to present to our guests flavours and scents of numerous beer styles from all around the world. The kind of beer that is going to be served as the so-called „brewer’s fantasy” is determined mainly by the brewer, production capabilities – adjusted in order to maintain the highest possible quality – and guests’ preferences.

Browar Port Gdynia

Browar Port Gdynia was opened in 2016 on the Boulevard, giving many saunterers, tourists, and people living in Tri-City their favourite place in town. There are four standard beers that comprise their offer: Light, Dark, Wheat, and Special. The offer also includes wheat beer, an original interpretation of the Bavarian Hefeweizen. There are also special, new-wave-style beers, very rare fantastic experiments, and even some that are one-of-a-kind in Poland (LenteBock).
ul. Bulwar Nadmorski im.Feliksa Nowowiejskiego 2, Gdynia

Butchery&Wine Gdynia

"For all lovers of meat, steaks and the highest quality product, this is very good news !!! The Butchery&Wine Gdynia restaurant opened in Gdynia at the end of March. The place is based on the experience of the iconic Warsaw restaurant of the same name - Butchery&Wine, which has been repeatedly listed in the international Michelin Guide, and has been awarded by the Bib Gourmand award for 11 years constantly. Butchery&Wine Gdynia expresses itself trough: simplicity, taste and authenticity. In the menu you will find several dozen types of grilled steaks from the highest quality Polish and foreign beef, but also, for example, a burger with mushrooms and cheddar, and a few classic starters such as Parfiat Foie Gras, bone marrow and beef tartare. For wine lovers, the sommelier will choose fantastic Amarone or spectacular Barolo by the glasses, and for beer lovers... Butchery&Wine Gdynia has prepared a Polish craft beer - Browar Staropolski.

Cafe Xander

Café Xander is a restaurant inspired by prohibition times, which delights with elegant brass decorations and soft plush upholstery. The interior design combines natural materials - solid wood and marble, and subdued colours and sophisticated details which complement the cosmopolitan image and give the interior a noble feel. Guests are greeted by smooth jazz and soul music, dimmed lights and a decadent atmosphere reminiscent of the best music clubs in Manhattan. The Chef use carefully selected ingredients, which he composes into an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Café Xander is a real feast for the senses - not only being a unique dinner in a beautiful interior, but also an experience which goes beyond the culinary experience.

CANIS Music & Wine

It’s a place created with love for good food, inspired by the history of Gdansk. Canis is placed in a historic tenement house on the Ogarna 27 street, which can boast a rich history and now also excellent food! You can eat a delicious dinner, dessert, supper, drink aromatic gin and excellent wine, listen to live music, organize a business meeting, date, friends night out or a family event. We favor both calm conversations and grand ceremonies!

Ceramika MK z Pęplina

Checkered huts, colourful chickens, charming angels, and plates so beautiful that it’s with heavy heart that we put anything on them. The ceramics workshops MK Ceramika in Pęplino near Ustka creates small pieces of art. All because the owner of the workshop, Magdalena Kamińska, devoted herself completely to her passion.

Ceramika Słowiana

Ewa Filipowicz has for several years been the owner of Ceramika Słowiana ceramics workshop. She creates single items on request, as well as series of items. Each shape created by Ewa Filipowicz is unique. After all, there are no two identical pieces of clay. As there are no two identical moments during which an artist breathes life into their creations.

Chwastowe Pole

I am a phytotherapist, herbalist. Wild -growing plants have been my huge passion for years. I try to use their potential by creating herbal blends, hydrolates, vinegars, kombucha and other products. I collect herbs in accordance with the following herbal ethics: at the right time of the day, during the appropriate flowering period of each plant and only as much as I can process in a day. I process the collected plants. Products I create most often are hydrolates, which are water-based extracts used as substitutes for dry spices. I distill herbs in a copper alembic. One of the most popular extract is hydrolate from lovage, a healthier version of " Maggi" seasoning. Extract from lovage does not contain salt, monosodium glutamate or other substances harmful to health. Adding it to soups or sauces imparts a wonderful aromatic flavour and is a great alternative for children who dislike visible herbs floating in their soups.

Cider Mill in Otomina

The fashion for cider is here to stay. Cider tasting rooms are being established all around the region, which makes it possible to enjoy the unique alcoholic apple beverage. Producers take things even further. Tabun Centre in Otomin near Gdansk was the first in the region to open a cider mill, where craft cider is produce.

Cisowy zakątek

Are you thirsty for a holiday by the sea? Try Cisowy Zakątek. It’s a complex comprising over a dozen simple, yet varied, delightful huts. In this dreamland you can laze all the time you want.


Copernicus comprises several organisational units with a long history, which have been undergoing extensive modernisation throughout several couple of years. The company manages, among others, the Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital, the Hospital of St. Adalbert,  the Regional Cancer Centre and the Regional Dental Clinic.


Located in the city centre, the Curodental dental clinic for over 25 years has helped thousands of patients, and their number is constantly growing as another generation comes to see the doctor. The clinic has expanded its activities with the Centre for Aesthetic Medicine “Medi Perfection”. This allows for a better, more holistic approach to treatments.

Dentineo Clinic

The combination of aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery,microscopic root canal treatment, and advanced diagnostics makes the Dentineo Clinic a modern dental facility. High quality medical equipment, broad knowledge, and experienced staff is not all. What this Gdańsk-based clinic finds equally important is the empathic approach to patients, which we also witnessed during our visit.

Designer Outlet Gdańsk

This shopping center offers products of renown fashion brands at an amazing 30-70% discount all year round. Located by the Tricity ring road and S6 expressway it has been designed to remind of a traditional fishing village with a lighthouse. More than 100 stores, a playground for children and a food court make your visit worthwhile.

Dwór Mysinek

Surrounded by more than 10 hectares of forests, meadows, and fields where forest animals, and rare species of birds dwell. Located near the town of Bobowo in the picturesque region of Kociewie, the heart of Pomorskie. A 200-year-old, historical Polish hunting manor makes its guests feel at home.

Dwór Role

A multi-generational home, small and cosy, yet impressive. Dwór Role is located in a picturesque village in Bytów Lake District. It is a place that combines the countryside idyll with a homely atmosphere, and a refined history. Here, you can breathe in the air of a 19th century court.

Dwór Uphagena Arche Gdańsk

The Dwór Uphagena Arche Gdansk (Uphagen Manor Arche Gdansk) is the pearl of the North in the Arche hotel collection. The property is located in a quiet corner of the center of charming Gdansk, by the Motlawa River, less than 1 km from the Old Town. The complex consists of the 1800's Uphagen family summer residence building and the industrial interiors of a former hospital. The mansion offers 598 beds in 261 rooms and 9 professionally equipped conference rooms. The green, tree-lined patio, sauna area, gym and nearby recreational areas with numerous walking trails offer relaxation in contact with nature in the heart of the Tricity metropolis. The atmospheric Stara Kuchnia (Old Kitchen) Restaurant is an iconic meeting place, and the Maglownia bar invites you every day for coffee and sweets from its own confectionery. Join the story!

Eco Elita

We have been running a family organic farm in Jawory since 2005. We produce organic products only from seeds of plants or vegetables grown on our farm.  Both raw materials and products are certified as organic. In addition to bio processed plants and bio vegetables, we also offer organic beef from our Limousine cattle. We invite you to visit our Facebook page "Eko Elita – zywnosc ekologiczna", where we provide information about our products and the fairs at which we appear, as well as show how organic production looks like on our farm.


Eliksir is an original combination of a restaurant, cocktail bar, independent event space, and cigar room located in Wrzeszcz, near the center of Gdansk.The main concept of our venue is food pairing, which is the art of combining flavors. As one of the few places in Poland, we have been pairing dishes with matched cocktails for 7 years now, making a visit to us a completely new culinary experience! Our menu changes every 3 months and is always based on seasonal and local products. Each dish has a matched cocktail, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The perfect pairs are created by both the head chef and the head bartender."

Farma Noe

It is an agro tourism facility that will allow us to rest in comfortably furnished houses, and spend time in harmony with nature.Lake Luboszko is located nearby. It allows for bathing, water sports, and fishing. The neighbouring pine forest is full of delicious forest fruit: blueberries, berries, and raspberries. In autumn, the woods are bursting with mushrooms. Sandy paths in the neighbourhood are ideal for strollers and joggers.


Bead necklaces, brooches, cups, key rings, pillow cases, trunks, and cupboards, all with traditional Kashubian ornaments, unlike any other, can be found in Farwa Kashubian Design Gallery and Workshop.


The quintessence of preparing meals in the restaurant is to offer our Guests something that they will not cook at home. Good wine at an affordable price and a casual atmosphere. That’s what Restaurant Fino is like, hidden a bit off from the main paths, but still in the center of the Old Town. Best, local ingredients, the appearance of the dishes and the conscious and professional service make our guests feel taken care of and they can relax and focus only on their culinary experiences.


The Fischgarten restaurant is a unique and family place that fits perfectly into the character of one of the most beautiful districts of Gdańsk - the charming Oliwa. The great advantage is the location in the immediate vicinity of the Tricity Landscape Park and the ZOO in Oliwa. Considering our youngest guests we offer special meals for children and a large garden with two playgrounds. The Fischgarten restaurant offers for our guests an opportunity to organize special events - from birthdays, through communions, to special wedding dinners. Our convenient location and unique atmosphere make this place also visited by companies that willingly organize business meetings and integration events as well. The separate room with conference facilities is ideal as a place for company meetings, trainings and workshops. Our restaurant is not only cozy interiors, but also a beautiful garden, two orangeries and grilled food served during summer season.


Fisherman is a restaurant created by hardworking and passionated people, who are doing their best  to give  guests unique experience. In kitchen everything comes from the scratches! Rafał Koziorzemski, award-winning head chef and owner of the restaurant, is personally choosing the best products from local suppliers and handpicking herbs that he is  using to creat dishes.  In Fisherman you can try traditional Polish dishes witch an unexpected twist.  Stylish interior and deatal-focused front of house are creating one of a kind atmosphere that will make you want to come back to Fisherman.

Fishparty Manufaktura

It is a small family business that provides some of Pomorskie’s finest herrings.  There are several kinds of herring in the offer, such as: Delikates, the herbal herring, the hot herring, the deep-red Karmazyn. The offer also includes the “pro eco” herring, served only with onion. It goes well with sour cream and boiled or baked potatoes. Products from Fishparty Manufaktura can be purchased on the spot, in Niestkowo, which is located in the picturesque Słupia river valley. You can also find them in local shops and ecological bazaars, such as one in Gdynia Kolibki.

Five Senses float spa

Looking to relax? Floating session or a good massage? You’ll find all of this at the Five Senses float spa at Garnizon in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz. The place offers a holistic approach to wellness. In Five Senses float spa you will calm your body and mind in an instan. And you will be back for more.

Folwark Jackowo

There are places where technology is set aside and nature blooms. Where, instead of loud music, your senses will be soothed by the sound of breeze whistling among the trees and the chirping of crickets. Where the best live broadcast are farm animals minding their own business. This is Folwark Jackowo, an ecological farm in the Pomorskie voivodeship, open to anyone looking for authenticity and peace of mind.

Galeria Bałtycka

The largest shopping mall located in Wrzeszcz – a district of Gdańsk traditionally associated with trade. It is primarily a center of fashion, consisting of 200 stores.

Garnizon Kultury

Garnizon Kultury in Gdansk is part of an entire complex of buildings that are known under the name Garnizon (Garrison). It’s the modern part of the city, with lofts, apartment and office buildings, restaurants. It takes up area designated by Żołnierzy Wyklętych Alley, and Grunwaldzka and Szymanowskiego streets, in the popular district of Wrzeszcz. The central part of Garnizon in Gdańsk is taken up by Stary Maneż which is a state-of-the-art concert hall that can house up to 1,000 people. The place quickly became a favourite concert spot, not only for inhabitants of Tricity, but also guests from all around the country. The venue holds regular concerts, both of Polish and international stars.
Juliusza Słowackiego 23, 80-257 Gdańsk, Polska

Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater

The out-of-the-box building that resembles a casket – Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater is not to be ignored. Opened September 19, 2014 it is the only theater building with a retractable roof, which allows for performing in natural sunlight, just like the Renaissance era. There is no time to waste, enter the world of the Arts that this theater creates and witness the cultural face of Poland, Europe and the world.

Gdański Bowke

There is a place where you can feel the harbour atmosphere of 200 years ago, enjoying the taste of Polish cuisine and the best beverages. In Gdanski Bowke Restaurant, especially for our guests, every day we bake fresh bread, make dumplings and put all our passion and skills in preparing unique dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets and amateurs of traditional Polish flavours. Delicious pralines “Gdansk Bowke” filled with Goldwasser liqueur and excellent, aromatic coffee, prepared with attention to the smallest detail, await gourmets. Beer lovers are invited to taste beers from regional breweries, including natural, unpasteurized “Gdański Bowke” beer, brewed especially for our restaurant by a small family brewery, taking into account centuries-old traditions of the best Gdansk brewers. Gdański Bowke restaurant is the only and unique place in the heart of Old Gdansk, ideal for a meeting with friends or a family dinner.


This is a unique restaurant with a large garden located on the banks of the Motława River, in the vicinity of the famous Gdańsk's Crane. Our place captivates not only with its location, but also with excellent cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere. The Goldwasser tenement house also houses seven stylish apartments overlooking the Motława River and the Island In addition, our guests have a unique opportunity to try traditional Old Gdańsk liqueurs, warming Kurfursten, Machandel juniper vodka and, above all, the world's unique Goldwasser, a liqueur with 23 carat gold flakes. All products are also available in our store in elegant gift sets with glasses or pralines.

Golf Club Zajączkowo

A 9-hole golf course located in the picturesque surroundings of Nature 2000 and Słupia Valley Landscape Park, a stone’s throw from Słupsk. The facility offers a Driving Range, and its Golf Academy allows even absolute beginners to take up golfing lessons. The complex offers hotel and gastronomy facilities, as well as banquet rooms. This encourages a longer adventure with golf.

Gościniec u Bernackich

The inn run by the Bernaccy family is a unique place, not only because its location in the vicinity of the coast of the Baltic Sea, Słowiński National Park, or Gardno and Łebsko lakes. Its character has been shaped by its owners, open-minded aesthetes, who in the small town of Smołdzino have created true paradise.

Gościszewo Brewery

In the town of Gościszewo, located near the city of Malbork, in the Medieval atmosphere of Teutonic history, Czarnecki family has continued brewing tradition for more than 20 years. The amber beverage tastes great, and Gościszewo Brewery is gaining new fans each day. Gościszewo Brewery brews 12 types of beer of both top and bottom fermentation. Two types of pils beer, porter, bock, wheat beer, smoked beer, two types of lager, dark lager, as well as seasonal beers

Gospoda Mały Holender

Mały Holender is distinguished by a very conscientious approach to commemorating the history of Żuławy Wiślane. This story smells most clearly in the dishes served and in the cheeses that have already become the hallmark of the Mały Holender. At the inn, you can order a cheese board to eat on site or buy cheese to take away. Various species and types are available - sheep, goat, cow, Dutch, mild with a slightly nutty flavor of Szenker or the legendary Werderkäse.
Żelichowo 31A, 82-100 Nowy Dwór Gdański, Polska

Grand Blue

Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other as you indulge in exquisite dishes crafted with only the freshest fish, seafood and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Executive Chef Tomasz Iwańca is passionate about using "blue food" - ingredients from the aquatic environment that are rich in nutritional value - to create dishes that are not only delicious, but also healthy. He masterfully composes each dish to deliver a light, yet tantalizing taste that is sure to leave you craving more. Whether you're seeking a romantic evening with your significant other, or simply looking for a dining experience that complements the serene sound of sea waves, Grand Blue's aromatic dishes are perfectly suited to match the ambiance of the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Grand Lubicz Hotel

Located several hundred meters from the beach in Ustka, the majestic Grand Lubicz Hotel certainly looks impressive. It is a place that will allow us not only to rest, but also shape up and improve our health. Natural brine baths and mud poultices make it one of the most important places on the Polish map of SPAs.


Gryfon Restaurant in Jastarnia is probably the best fish restaurant on the Hel Peninsula. Everything the kitchen offers is made on site, from bread, rolls and doughnuts to fish from its own smokehouse. The menu includes salmon, flounder, herring and mackerel from the lava grill, from the oven and baked without fat accompanied by aromatic herbs. The owners admit that all the fish comes straight from the sea and guarantees an extraordinary taste.

Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&SPORT

Immerse yourself in Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&SPORT, located by the breathtaking Baltic Sea. This resort features three impressive buildings with rooms of various standards, ranging from holiday apartments with kitchens to Superior hotel rooms and Premium apartments. Enjoy endless entertainment and relaxation options with four swimming pools, a fitness center, climbing wall, 11 treatment rooms, 5 saunas, and a playroom for kids. Satisfy your taste buds at two restaurants: the buffet-style N54 and the à la carte H12. Take in stunning panoramic views at the SkyBar, situated on the rooftop, or relax at the ForestBar in the hotel garden. Just 500m from Władysławowo train station and near windsurfing destination Puck Bay, Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&SPORT is the perfect spot for an unforgettable getaway. Create extraordinary memories today!

Hampton by Hilton Gdansk Old Town

Our Old Town hotel is ideal for exploring Gdansk. We're surrounded by dining, and our lobby bar serves casual snacks. Take in the historic streets and museums along the Royal Way, one block from us, and stop by Madison Shopping Mall, one kilometer away. Every stay includes hot breakfast, WiFi, and fitness center access.

Hilton Gdańsk

Hilton Gdańsk is located in the heart of the Old Town, on the Motława River, overlooking the 15th-century Crane - the most famous symbol of Gdańsk. The hotel offers 150 comfortable rooms, almost 600 m² of conference space and a Wellness & Spa area. On the top floor of the building is situated a bar with a view on the panorama of the city. Connoisseurs of culinary sensations can visit the prestigious Mercato Restaurant located on the ground floor of the facility. Hilton Gdańsk combines world-class standards with comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for guests traveling on business as well as resting from their daily duties.

Hotel Sadova****

Hotel Sadova**** is located in the very heart of Gdańsk, next to the historic Old Town. The hotel has 156 rooms of five different standards. Spacious and modern rooms are perfectly tailored to the needs of both individual and business guests. Within the hotel you will find a business center with 3 fully equipped meeting rooms. Relaxation will be ensured by the recreation area, which includes a swimming pool, sauna, fitness room and SPA, which specializes in Ayurvedic massages. What is more, the Papieroovka Cider Garden restaurant, famous for its largest cider bar with nearly 30 types of cider, will provide an extraordinary culinary experience. We sincerely invite you to visit Hotel Sadova****, which is greatly appreciated by the guests.

Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto (Old Town) hotel

Ibis Gdansk Stare Miasto (Old Town) hotel is located in quiet part of Old Town, a few minutes' away from the most important places in Gdansk. It's an ideal place for people who want to feel the city vibe. A walk through the Dlugi Targ and a visit to the European Solidarity Centre, the Museum of The Second War or an evening concert are at your fingertips. Concert, match or big party? Thanks to our location, you can get to most events in a few minutes. The main station is 500 metres away and there is a comfortable car park. The interior of the Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto Hotel delights with its modern design and cozy decor. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, providing guests with a relaxing stay after a day of sightseeing. Each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your stay unforgettable. The IBIS Restaurant at the Ibis Gdańsk Stare Miasto Hotel is a place that delights with its offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally, the facility has a well-equipped bar where you can enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks in a pleasant environment. It is an ideal place for social gatherings, relaxation after an eventful day or just a moment of rest.

Kashubian Lodge & Spa

Kashubian Lodge&Spa is perfect if you’d like to relax in a  unique environment. Pristine, Kashubian nature. Amazing, clean air. An enormous garden and a meadow that leads to Połęczyńskie lake, which is almost 2 kilometres long. Kashubian is a place that will suit the needs of the most demanding guests.

Kaszubska Koza

Tuchola Forest complex. Today, it is known in Poland because of Kaszubska Koza (Kashubian Goat) farm, run by Honorata and Tomasz. The hosts of Kaszubska Koza specialise in gentle and delicate goat cheeses.

Kaszubskie Zioła

Kaszubskie Herbs is a family company established in 2013. run by mother and daughter. We operate as agricultural retail, which means that the ingredients for our products mostly come from our own farm which consists of over 5ha of forest, and about 10ha of natural meadows. We collect and process herbs and fruits manually to preserve as much as possible of what nature gives us. We offer products such as herbal teas, syrups and jams and many more. We are creating gift boxes and different kind of local souvenirs from our products. Our farm and shop are located in the heart of Kashubia, in the “Nature 2000” area, by the lobelia lake, in the picturesque village Łąkie, near Bytów.


This place will allow you to live in accord with nature, relax and forget about the city noise. You will meet honest and open people, and experience food that won’t allow you to forget about all the new flavours. Brygida Klingenberg runs Klimbergowice agritourism farm in Sztumska Wieś, and is a proud propagator of traditional Prussian cooking.

Kociewie Brewery in Starogard Gdański

The brewery is located in Ren Hotel in Starogard Gdański, and beer is made right in front of its guests. The offer includes three kinds of beer: Lager, Pils, and Wheat Beer. In addition, the menu includes one or two seasonal beers that represent different beer styles. These include Stouts or APAs.

Krojanty Clinic

In the picturesque surrounding of Tucholskie Forests and in the neighborhood of the National Park ‘Bory Tucholskie’, the Rehabilitation Clinic ‘Krojanty’ occupies the area of 30 hectares. The patients with the hardest diseases related to locomotor systems and neurological ailments have been treated here successfully for over 25 years. As the owners attach extreme importance not only to their medical mission, but also to esthetics, the stay in the Clinic is a real feast for the senses and spirit.
18 Pułku Ułanów Pomorskich 7, Krojanty, chojnicki, Polska

Kubicki Restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Gdańsk. In the interwar period, then called Kubicki Cafe International, the restaurant functioned as a night café and it was one of the trendiest places at that time in Gdańsk. Kubicki Restaurant still receives wide recognition not only among the residents of Gdańsk, but also among the visitors from all over the world. Exquisite cuisine, unique atmosphere enriched with performances of piano singers are undeniable reasons why this place is worth visiting. This is one of the last places where the spirit of This City has been preserved.

Kuracyjny Hotel

Just 800 meters from the beach, in the picturesque Orłowo in Gdynia – that’s where Kuracyjny Hotel is located. A wide range of rehabilitation and care treatments as well as a broad array of spa rituals make you feel as good as new after the visit to the hotel. Kuracyjny Hotel is primarily awide range of rehabilitation treatments. We will find here everything: hydrotherapy (power shower, covering shower, whirlpool massages), sonotherapy, phototherapy, kinesitherapy, and electrotherapy as well.

L'Entre Villes

The L'Entre Villes restaurant is located in an over 100-year-old, renovated villa in Sopot. Beautiful interiors, excellent dishes, service at the highest level and a place that cannot be forgotten! The tasteful and varied interiors of our luxury restaurant in Sopot have been decorated in an elegant style, with respect for the history of the building. The restaurant's menu consists of the original recipes of our Chef Sławomir Hahn and combines the flavors of exquisite Polish and European cuisine with elements of French cuisine. Under his guidance, our chefs take you on an amazing culinary journey every day. The whole is completed by the late butler trained by a private butler Queen Elizabeth, Sir Mark Williams, perfect service that looks after you in a truly royal style. L'Entre Villes Team creates a unique atmosphere that you will remember for a long time.

Las i Woda Restaurant

The best of surrounding lakes, fields and woods as well as heart-made dishes – these are the quintessence of “Las i Woda” Restaurant. Our chef’s authorial courses are modern versions of the traditional taste of Bory Tucholskie. Our menu also includes culinary journey to other parts of the world. We carefully select the best regional products and support local suppliers.  An unquestionable asset of our restaurant is the spacious terrace, from which you can admire the panorama of Charzykowskie Lake. In “Las i Woda” Restaurant you will discover the taste of Bory Tucholskie and relish the cuisine full of passion.

Lawendowa Osada

It is a small kingdom of nature, by the forest, away from the intrusive civilisation, where you can breathe in the famous, Kashubian clean air.. And where true lavender is plentiful.  There are three charming half-timbered houses on the property, a typical example of Kashubian architecture. All three houses: purple, green and blue are delightful. They are decorated with an extraordinary sense of style, with wood and enchanting details. Each cottage is fitted with bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, kitchen, and a modern bathroom. The interior decoration is full of references to Kaszuby (including Kashubian porcelain) and Provence, the kingdom of lavender. These are year-round facilities, and therefore also excellently fulfil their function in winter. In total, the Lavender Settlement offers 24 beds.

Leśny Dwór

Leśny Dwór is a picturesquely located boutique facility at Lake Węgorzyno in one of the most beautiful Kashubian towns – Sulęczyno. The Facility offers 30 different rooms and suites, as well as a cosy wellness area with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna. Moreover, the Guests can use a club zone with billiards and bowling, a cosy patio by the lake, a private beach, and enjoy the Biółi Trus Restaurant, serving the Kashubian style dishes with an original twist by the Chef Patron Marcin Popielarz. Throughout the year, Leśny Dwór is visited by Guests who look for cosy atmosphere, peaceful time, and closeness to nature. In the Facility, personal development and yoga workshops are organized. Leśny Dwór is also a beautiful place for a wedding reception or outdoor wedding ceremony.
Stefana Żeromskiego 15, 83-320 Sulęczyno, Polska

Light of Forest

What can emerge from a combination of wood and light? Light of Forest workshop and store, in Pelplin, produces beautiful wooden products like lamps, candlesticks and brand decorations of the brand which are pleasing to the eye and, above all, are made by hand, which gives them a unique character. Light of Forest is a brand created from love of the forest.

Łeba Castle

Łeba Castle has been proudly standing on the beach for over 100 years, inviting guests to its interiors. In 1903 the construction of this architecturally interesting building began. The proximity of the sea makes it a particularly charming place. For years the castle was exposed to the destructive forces of natural storms, but the good hands of its owners helped to keep it intact. Thanks to this, it stands today surrounded by trees and pine greenery on one side and opens to the vastness of the Baltic Sea on the other. Today, the Castle offers 40 atmospheric rooms, Neptun Restaurant with sea view, an intimate Conference Hall and a unique SAO Spa with relaxing Balinese massages. In summer, comfort is added by an outdoor pool with heated water and a private stretch of beach with sun loungers, screens and waiters. The comfort and convenience of our guests has been taken care of by a team of hospitality enthusiasts associated with the Castle for years.


M15 is a unique place where Polish culinary tradition intertwines with European trends and modernity. Authentic recipes, designer interiors, views of the sea and the pier and numerous arrangement possibilities make it a must-visit in Sopot and the perfect place for: event,corporate Christmas Party,conference,party or New Year's Eve.  We organise parties: up to 100 persons in the restaurant, up to 500 persons with terrace, cocktail parties up to 150 persons in the restaurant and up to 800 persons with terrace, and parties with beach area up to 5000 persons! M15 is the winner of the Sopot Pearls 2022 award and is on the list of Poland 100 Best Restaurants 2022. The M15 complex includes the only saunas on the beach overlooking the sea.
Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 15, 81-718 Sopot, Polska

Magda Beneda

Magda Beneda’s utility items are genuine pieces of art. However, beautiful forms are not their only advantage. They are made by the best Polish manufacturers, so they have a guarantee of quality and if taken care of, they will serve us for years. Porcelain cups, silk scarves, umbrellas, cabin suitcases and even pocket squares. Selection is wide and the design is colourful, consistent and locally inspired. The artist’s works present mainly Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. And all this takes place in a small Atelier in the “Gallery of Various Arts” (“Galeria Sztuk Różnych”) at 101 Ogarna Street in Gdańsk.

Makowa Koza

I live in a charming village named Cieciorka in Kociewie. I raise goats, and from their milk, I create cheeses infused with fresh  and dried herbs and flowers. Farmhouse cheeses are a real treat for the palate. Produced with the utmost care, they offer unique tasting experiences. Fresh cheeses have a delicate and creamy texture, perfect for instantaneous consumption. On the other hand, aged cheeses develop their rich flavor characteristics. The addition of dried and fresh herbs, as well as flowers, gives them a distinctive character. Flowers add subtle and aromatic accents, while herbs enrich them with bold notes. The richness of flavors and aromas makes goat cheeses highly popular among connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts. Whether served on a cheese platter during gatherings or used in the kitchen to prepare exquisite dishes, these cheese specialties will undoubtedly enhance every tasting moment.

Mana Mana

Mana Mana bags are top-shelf individualism and functionality, combined. Bags with the logo of Mana Mana are very often personalised and one of a kind. The offer is full of crazy colours, forms and shapes, and materials that attract gaze from afar. Of course, there is also something for those who prefer minimalist forms. However, Mana Mana is all about originality and entertainment of bag owners. This is taken care of by the best craftsmen, who each day craft these unique wearable pieces of art.

Maniera Restaurant

Located on Granary Island, right in the heart of Gdańsk, Maniera restaurant blends contemporary elegance with traditional Polish home cooking. Few culinary concepts are as beautiful and consistent. The interior sparkles with the light of crystal chandeliers, complemented by the refined character of the service, embodying professionalism and Polish hospitality. Chef Paweł Stawicki ensures unforgettable culinary experiences for guests, captivating them with his unique interpretation of beloved dishes such as pork chop, beef tartare, or herring, by exploring traditional recipes and carefully selecting the highest quality fresh ingredients. The menu is accompanied by a rich selection of wines (including Polish) and a variety of premium spirits. The ambience is enhanced by music - live jazz performances on fridays. Maniera is not only a great choice for international guests to taste classic Polish dishes in a modern, masterful rendition. It is also suitable for business meetings, family celebrations, or evenings filled with a nostalgic journey through flavours of the past.

Manufaktura Hersztek

When travelling across Żuławy region, make sure you visit Manufaktura Hersztek. Here, classic design is combined with modern design and ceramics, an ancient art form, is given a modern face. Manufaktura Hersztek produces not only ornaments designed by the owners, but also tailor-made, for individual clients, architects, and interior designers.

Medical Centre Dr Kubik

Cutting-edge technology, continuous development of medical services and readiness for foreign patients – Dr Kubik Medical Centre is one of the crown jewels of the Tri-City aesthetic medicine and it is definitely worth a visit. Putting emphasis on innovative solutions and constant development of the team are just two of the many aspects that established Dr Kubik Medical Centre as one the best aesthetic medicine clinics in Pomorskie.
skwer Kościuszki 15/17, Gdynia, Polska

Mercure Gdansk Stare Miasto (Old Town) ****

Rest or work? Mercure Gdansk Stare Miasto (Old Town) **** located in quiet part of Old Town lets you relax after an eventful day. Proximity of railway station, stops is our advantage. It's close to get to anywhere! Hotel is only 5-minute walk from main train station and proximity of sights, shops and cultural spots invites to sightseeing. Easily and quickly get to us by car, which you can park in hotel car park. It is the tallest hotel building in Gdansk, providing an extraordinary view of the picturesque panorama of the Old Town or the renowned Gdansk Shipyard, famous for its history. You can easily and quickly reach us by car, which you can park in the hotel parking lot. The hotel has 271 rooms, including 6 luxury apartments, Privilege Rooms located on higher floors with a beautiful view of the city, as well as Family Suite/Studio rooms for 4 people. The functional rooms has WiFi access, tilt windows, and individually controlled air conditioning. They also include amenities such as a coffee set, TV, telephone, minibar, safe, desk, and hairdryer. Winestone Restaurant is a space full of aroma and good taste based on a varied menu, fresh ingredients, and local dishes. There is a terrace overlooking the monuments of Gdansk, and in the lobby, you will find an extensive bar perfect for relaxing with a good drink. Guests can not only count on a culinary feast prepared under the experienced eye of the Chef but also a selection of carefully selected Polish wines. The Kupiecka Restaurant provides excellent, varied buffet breakfasts from 6 am onwards.

Mia Mia

Mia Mia specializes in manufacture of such bags. This is Sopot Extraordinary Bags Workshop founded by a duet of designers, Grażyna Radtke and Aśka Lewczyńska. We can find bags to be carried for every occasion – ideal ones to be carried every day (with a space for laptop and two mobile phones) as well as those taken for a special occasion. Shoulder bags, clutch bags, classic models for physicians, trunks and sacks. Bags made of leather, ecologic leather, chiffon, lace, feathers and furs. Bags with chains, studs or sequins, with a characteristic metal frame or zipped. Bags in deep black, but also in illuminating colours. Every bag is designed and adjusted for an individual client.

Misstery Beata Kołodziejska

Misstery studio offers headgear for every occasion. Each design reflects the artist’s soul, the magical, creative spark that leads her hands in every little creation.

Modra chata

„A year-round holiday home, with excellent energy for creative relaxation and carefree chillout” – this is how the owners of Modra Chata describe their business. Located in the heart of Kociewie region, the characteristic house draws the attention of anyone who shows up in the neighbourhood.

NAC Amber

Timeless, designed with intuition and care for the smallest detail. At the same time, useful and permanent. This is the jewelry manufactured by NAC Amber from Gdansk. Amber jewelry made by NAC Amber enjoyed a great interest during Expo 2015 Fair in Milan, and the ring with an amber eye decorates Anna Jagodzińska’s, a top model, finger.
Aleja Generała Józefa Hallera 9, 80-401 Gdańsk, Polska

Notera Hotel Spa

Notera Hotel SPA is located in Bory Tucholskie, in the immediate vicinity of the Bory Tucholskie National Park, by the Charzykowskie Lake. The hotel impresses with a captivating view of the Charzykowskie lake, modern architecture and innovative solutions, and the warm atmosphere and closeness of nature make you want to come back here. Spacious rooms and suites, a SPA with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a dry sauna, a steam bath and an infrared sauna, the only Stress Free Zone in Poland and a wealth of attractions available on site make it a perfect place for a family holiday, a romantic stay for two, as well as and organization of the conference stay. We help our guests find balance and time for themselves. With passion, we create a place where we fulfill our guests' dreams of a perfect holiday. We inspire our guests to take care of their health and fitness, well-being and the natural environment. We create SPA & Wellness programs, thanks to which our guests can relax the way they like the most - we focus on blissful relaxation and active rest, closeness to nature.

Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic

Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic in Gdynia was established three years ago and since then has consistently pursued its goal: to take care of its patients’ beautiful smile by using the most modern methods of treatment and providing comfort and safety. Each patient is approached individually. During he first consultation visit, the clinic staff gets to know needs and expectations of each person and present them with a detailed treatment plan. Its implementation is the responsibility of a dedicated patient companion.

Ogrodnictwo Lawenda

The main product of Ogrodnictwo Lawenda is edible flowers. The offer includes such species as nasturtium, begonia, tagetes, dahlia, marigold, and of course lavender. This is only a fraction of what Ogrodnictwo Lawenda has to offer. Mrs Zienkiewicz also grows herbs, such as rosemary, multicoloured sage, bay leaves, lemon verbena, terragon, or melissa. There is also a selection of salads, including butter salad, rocket salad, or romaine lettuce. Amaranth, geranium, or clover leaves make plates look astonishing.

Olivia Garden

The Olivia Business Centre, the largest business centre in Poland, has a year-round garden called Olivia Garden. It is a carefully designed space with an area of ​​almost 800 m2, filled with thousands of tropical plants representing over 150 different species.

ORIA MAGIC HOUSE premium restaurant & shows

Welcome to Oria - a magical place that will allow you to discover the flavors, culture and beauty of Gdańsk, while providing moments of relaxation and rest, away from the crowd. At the premium restaurant & shows ORIA MAGIC HOUSE, we will take you on a culinary journey through time and space, for home-made local dishes and drinks, where each dish and each drink is a real work of art, served on a handmade plate and in an elegant glass. We will also enchant you with the taste of the amber set that our bartender and chef will prepare in front of you - if you want, you can also observe their work through a mysterious mirror. And if you would like to invite your family, friends or colleagues to Oria and organize an occasional or business meeting, we will be happy to create an event that will meet the needs and expectations of you and your guests. It is here, in the heart of Gdańsk, right by the Motława River, with a view of the most famous monuments, where you can relax on a sunbed with your favorite cocktail in your hand on the grass in the shade of cherry trees, drink aromatic, freshly brewed coffee in the restaurant garden, listen to great live music in a designer, air-conditioned interior and look at the paintings... on the ceiling. In this one place, we combine the culinary zone with the music and theater stage, the art gallery, dance, event and business space. At Oria, we will awaken all your senses - join the vibes of unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Osada Stara Baśń

Artistic holiday settlement Stara Baśń Wilcze Błota Kościerskie offers entertainment of two types. On the one hand, chill out in natural surroundings, with picturesque landscapes of Kociewie and Kaszuby borders. On the other, lots of attractions: painting, knitting, cooking, or furniture restoration. There is so much to do here that there is not time to be bored.

Ostrowski design

Ostrowski Design is a Gdańsk-based, family-owned jewellery brand that offers: wedding rings, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Most of them, designer and the creator of the brand, Jacek Ostrowski, makes in silver and gold, but sometimes he also experiments with crystals and colours, using acrylic or coloured resin. His favourite material is the Baltic amber.

Park Handlowy Matarnia

The largest shopping center in Tricity combines furniture and fashion. An impressive selection of products, including household appliances and clothes is available in 57 stores and salons, which are located along lovely green alleys, bathed in sunshine. This makes shopping an even more satisfying part of the day.

Pasieka Toporkiewicz

The family’s apiary is around 400 families, which means inhabited beehives. The most popular types of honey include colza and lime varieties but also produce buckwheat, acacia, phacelia, or multiflorous honeys. Aside from honey, Toporkiewicz family also refines pollen, which is a natural vitamin that strengthens natural resitance, as well as propolis – the bee glue. This has even more health-benficial properties than pollen. Everyone visiting the farm is invited to try honey products offered by the family. The apiarists are also eager to present all the equipment they use, and they say everyone is more than welcome to dine with them, in accompaniment of especially prepared honey specialties.

Perfect Smile

Four modern and tastefully decorated offices, X-ray study with 3D tomography, relaxing music in the background and interiors which would soothe even those who are not fond of visits to a dentist. This is Gdansk ‘Perfect Smile’ Clinic, a place which warrants not only an excellent medical treatment, but it is also so friendly that the fear of a dentist disappears forever.

Podole Wielkie

Podole Wielkie is a small village located 27 kilometers from Łeba. At its heart lies something that places it among the leading regions where the world's finest spirits are produced - the Podole Wielkie Distillery and Estate. "Our philosophy is 'from field to bottle,' which means that we cultivate, gather, mash, ferment, and distill the raw material from which our brandies and vodkas are created. We have complete control over the raw ingredients. This is how we understand the craftsmanship and production of exceptional spirits: knowledge, passion, daily hard work, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. To us, every bottle tells a story." Visiting this 150-year-old Distillery is an opportunity to learn about the artisanal production of Polish vodkas and brandies.

Polskie Smaki

The restaurant was created out of sentiment for polish cuisine and Kashubian culinary tradition. It is a place for everyone who appreciates fresh, seasonal, top-quality products and simple but exceptional polish specialties. At Polskie Smaki, every lover of authentic, local cuisine will find unique culinary experiences based on the slow food philosophy, which will be strengthen by the interiors inspired by the local Kashubian tradition and a great view of the Sopot Pier and the Baltic Sea.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is one of the vital centers of enterpreneurship support in Pomorskie. The complex with a total area of 80 thousand m2 is the workplace of several thousand people employed in several hundred companies. However, PSTP does not only comprise offices, bio- and electrotechnological laboratories, prototype workshops, conference rooms and exhibition halls. The distinct, glazed building holds the Experyment Science Center, a real trait for those who prefer to learn through fun. Although the interactive exhibition has been dedicated to the youngest visitors, adults enjoy themselves, too. 3,500 square meters house four main exhibitions with 200 interactive stands, where visitors usually spend several hours.

Poraj Palace

Poraj Palace invites you to the heart of the small village, where the ubiquitous nature teeming with life, and calls to its world. Hidden among the woods and tall grasses fascinates over a hundred years. Currently Poraj Palace is a perfect composition of style, comfort and a friendly atmosphere - surrounded by a 8.5 hectare park with three ponds and an island.

Porcelana Stołowa Lubiana

Their plates were used for serving food on board of planes of the King of Spain and Vice-president of the USA, and the Dutch royal court ordered 60,000 thousand products with images of the entire royal family for a coronation ceremony. The Lubiana S.A. Chinaware Factory is one of the largest producers of porcelain in Poland, and one of the European leaders of the industry. Today, chinaware sets with the logo of this Kashubian company can be found all around the world.

Prana Spa Ayurveda Centre

Experience healing and relaxation in a really unique place in Gdańsk - Prana Spa Bali & Ayurveda massage, a place created with passion, experience, and belief in the power of Ayurveda and oriental therapies. Known for 5000 years as a “whole-body treatment”, it’s an excellent choice for those who long for harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Spa offers massages and treatments based on natural oils and herbs that can not only improve your general health and vitality but also might help in particular discomforts. Our therapists from India and Bali have all the knowledge and experience to positively affect your inner and outer self. Embrace yourself with harmony and life balance. Welcome to Prana Spa.
Szeroka 84/85, 80-835 Gdańsk, Polska