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The village of Świerzno in Miastko municipality is home to a unique amber workshop. Established by Erwin and Alicja Witrambowski, it has been operating since 1989. Every year, groups of tourists, mainly from Germany, flock to Świerzno to purchase ready-made goods. Mr. Witrambowski sets his amber in exotic wood straight from Africa and Brazil. When creating a piece, he follows the natural colour of the wood and its growth rings to complement the amber perfectly. Rather than varnished, the wood is polished with paste wax. The unique combination of amber and wood produces genuine masterpieces of art—earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, desired by women from Germany, the USA, Japan and recently even China. Ladies also adore pendants with original wooden clasps patented by Mr. Witrambowski.


Świerzno 32, Miastko

phone.: +48 59 858 32 15

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