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Is this the real life? Or is this a fantasy? Such questions are not uncommon among visitors to Lawendowa Osada. It is a small kingdom of nature, by the forest, away from the intrusive civilisation, where you can breathe in the famous, Kashubian clean air. And where true lavender is plentiful.

Owners of Lawendowa Osada

The people responsible for this idyll are Barbara and Bartosz Idczak. Some time ago they decided to ditch corporate lifestyle and follow their dreams. And this was to create a little paradise, grow lavender, live a life of happiness and give this happiness to others. This is how the agritourism farm “Lawendowa Osada” Lavender Settlement was born.

The name is not accidental. Everywhere you go, the soothing scent of lavender will follow. And in summer, the two adjacent fields are filled with the characteristic, purple heads. Though many people believe that growing lavender is impossible in this part of Europe, the Idczak family does just that. They were the first in the region to do that. – If you’re stubborn, you can do anything – laughs Barbara Idczak.

– Lavender is both beautiful and useful. It begins to bloom in mid-June. And it is in full bloom in the beginning of July. When it looks the most beautiful, we cut it. Because we are an organic farm and almost everything we do is at our own expense, we cut the lavender by hand. We don’t use any chemicals for weed control. Everything we do, we do with these hands – says Bartosz Idczak.

Cut lavender is dried and processed. It can be used for cosmetics (soaps and essential oils) and food. In collaboration with local manufacturers, the Idczak family produces various types of cheese with lavender, lavender jams and other preserves, lavender syrup, which is perfect for pancakes and tea. The smell of lavender has a relaxing and antiseptic effect, and repels moths.

But lavender is one of many excuses to visit the agritourism farm of the Idczak family. There are three charming half-timbered houses on the property, a typical example of Kashubian architecture. Here, the peace-seeking city dwellers sleep.

All three houses: purple, green and blue are delightful. They are decorated with an extraordinary sense of style, with wood and enchanting details. Each cottage is fitted with bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, kitchen, and a modern bathroom. The interior decoration is full of references to Kaszuby (including Kashubian porcelain) and Provence, the kingdom of lavender. These are year-round facilities, and therefore also excellently fulfil their function in winter. In total, the Lavender Settlement offers 24 beds.

– We are very family-friendly, this is why we enjoy hosting guests with children, and even our four-legged friends – say the owners.

You can prepare meals on your own, but you can also enjoy the lady of the houses’s cooking. For dinner, the lady of the house serves regional cuisine: turnip soup, herring with potatoes or traditional Kashubian ruchanki (local pancakes). All meals are prepared according to old local recipes, and using products from local suppliers and manufacturers.

Aside from relaxing in the nature, you can also catch your breathe in the Lavender SPA. Attractions of the SPA village include: salt cave with 40 centimetres of salt from the Adriatic and Kłodawa on the floor and Himalayan salt crumbs on the walls, a wooden Russian banya with wood-fired aromatherapy, and a jacuzzi with air and water hydromassage, as well as chromotherapy. There is also a swimming pool on the premises. Since it is located under the movable roof and the water in it is heated, it is functional for the most part of the year.

The Lavender Settlement is child-friendly. Children can enjoy the playground. Houses are equipped with safety measures (eg. safety gates), so that nothing happens to the little ones during their stay.

The owners also organise on-request workshops. These include Lavender processing workshops or special meetings for the ladies.

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