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There is no need to go to California in search for the perfect course. If you want to be under-par, Pomorskie region offers you to do just that, and on a high level.

The par in Sierra Golf Club in Pętkowice is 72, which is no picnic. It is one of the most prestigious master class courses in Europe. Area of over 80ha makes it possible to organize both professional tournaments, as well as amateur events. This should come as no surprise. The man responsible for the project is Cameron Sinclair, a Scotsman and an expert on the subject. After all, who would know better how to play golf than the Scots?

Sierra Golf Clubs is not the only offer dedicated to golf amateurs. There are two more high-standard courses in the immediate neighborhood of Gdańsk – Postołowo Golf Club and Sand Valley. The first one, only 28 km from the voivodeship’s capital is Jeremy Turner’s crowning stroke and one of the more interesting facilities in the area. An area of 100 ha and a professional, 7 kilometer-long course speak for themselves. 2002, 23rd U-21 Team European Championship and 2008 European Amateur Championship took place here on request of the European Golf Association. Amateurs will feel at home here as well – it is not necessary to be a member of the club to try your chances. Sand Valley, thanks to Tony Ristole, boasts of architecture that blends into the moraine landscape and provides for its unique character.

But Pomorskie is not only about seasoned golf players – there are also 9-hole golf courses such as Tokary Golf Club and Golf Club Zajączkowo where you can try your hand under a watchful eye of experienced instructors. Despite its seeming elitism golf has become an open sport, focused on being a means of spending free time. If you want to play golf, taking up lessons in a golf club is a good investment – the stress is on the quality of education, as well as following the rules of game etiquette and general gameplay. Most often it also includes help in selecting proper equipment, adjusted to the physical capabilities of the player. The “comfort first” rule is a main principle at Sierra Golf Club. The teachers are trained in accordance to the Professional Golf Association standards, which should prove sufficient a recommendation for learning and, perhaps, following a more professional path. Even more so, because the Green Card of the Polish Golf Association is not so hard to obtain: 10 hours of playing and a two-hour theoretical exam. The card allows you to enter courses anywhere in Poland, as well as participate in amateur tournaments. Door to any golf club will open for you.

Do not waste your time – grab a club and off to the course!

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