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Windsurfing is one of the most popular water sports. It is a terrifying spectacle, with wind and water playing the leading roles, and the sportsman has its place too, bravely holding the sail and struggling with the almighty elements – at least that is what the spectator sees. In reality, for those who has experienced it first hand, windsurfing has become their challenge and passion for life.

It is a sport for the stubborn, tenacious and willing to fight. Windsurfing, which is simply a board with a sail, is steadily gaining popularity in Poland. The fashion for active recreation makes people choose to struggle with the wind-propelled board and sail, and in that way, they improve their psychophysical condition. As you can observe in the windsurfers’ performance, you may think that it is not a sport for everyone. You could not be further from the truth! Windsurfing is not just for the young, rich and those seeking extreme sensations. Broad shells and light sails let even the youngest try it. You do not have to be freakishly strong, either, to try windsurfing, as it is a technical sport. That is why women and children learn to sail as quickly as men do. The only condition is choosing the equipment that is right for you. You do not need waves and a hurricane; a small body of water and a gust of wind will let you have fun sailing on the windsurfing board.

In Pomorskie there are several places made for windsurfing. Undoubtedly, the Hel Peninsula offers the best conditions to the enthusiasts of this sport. It is one of the best places to learn and practise windsurfing in Europe. The broad shallows of Pucka Bay are its greatest advantage, for they provide a place for safe and effective learning. Windsurfing schools in Hel, Jastarnia, Kuźnica, Chałupy, Władysławowo, Puck, Rewa, Gdynia and Sopot will satisfy all your windsurfing needs. One cannot forget about regular winds, clear water, sandy bottom and swells – all this makes the Hel Peninsula the best stretch of water in Poland. Similar conditions can be found on the Vistula Spit area, from the Gdańsk Bay side Krynica, Kąty Rybackie and Piaski are among the most popular places for windsurfers and their families.

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