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The first Mera Spa Golf Cup ‘22 tournament  is already behind us. The event took place on the 27th of August 2022 in The Tokary Golf Club, in the Tricity region. The venture turned out to be a great success on multiple levels: the weather was amazing, as was the attendance, both in case of professional golfers as well as of amateurs.  Apart from playing golf there was an opportunity to enjoy a massage session in an outdoor Mera SPA area, to take part in the beauty workshops and to have a glass of champagne while admiring the luxurious cars. The event was planned as a picnic that everyone could attend free of charge. It attracted not only the golf enthusiasts, the guests and Mera SPA business partners, but also the Tricity inhabitants, who came to visit Tokary on this day.

Everybody knows well that golf is an exceptional sport. It teaches one to respect principles, to be patient, focused and to follow basic fair-play rules. It gives the players a lesson in humility, offers direct contact with nature, brings lots of satisfaction and, at the same time, poses challenges.

Mera SPA Golf Cup: The Golf Academy

The game of golf might seem to be easy, many people are convinced that all you need to do is just to hit the ball with the club, aiming at the hole. In fact, it is much more of a challenge: one has to possess the technical skills and have some practice in sending the ball in the right direction and with adequate force in order to place it in the hole. Those who held the golf club for the first time and played under the coach’s supervision could find out for themselves how challenging it might be.

I’ve always thought that it’s an easy game. It seemed incredibly boring to me. I am pleased to have been able to try my hand in golf and could find out that it is not so simple to hit the ball well and send it in the good direction, make it fly high and land on the right spot  – says Maciej, one of the participants. Assuming the appropriate pose before you hit the ball requires well-balanced movements of your whole body, with many groups of muscles involved. Two hours of playing the game can really put a strain on your wrists and legs  – he adds. 

Although as many as 192 muscles are engaged during a game of golf, the most important work is done in the mind. The key is to make precise movements, not just to strike with great force. It is one of the few disciplines where players of such diversified age, weight and body built may compete on an equal level. Thanks to a special system of handicap points an amateur can compete against a pro in a golf game.

The Golf Academy was run by The Polish Golf Association coach, Michał Guzowski, and several dozen of beginners competed in three rounds.  There were amateur players of all ages: children, teenagers and adults.  After the training part, they participated in the next part – the sport competition.

Tokary Golf Club: The tournament for professional golfers

The tournament was addressed to golfers not only from Poland but from all around the world. 130 contestants took part in it, each of whom had to compete on the distance of 6-10 km. The golf course in Tokary is characterized by a great variety of the shaping of holes and greens. Although the pace of the game is quite slow, the tournament was held in an open air and in direct sunlight, which made it a daring struggle.  Fortunately, the professional golfers were properly prepared for the game. Equipped with sun umbrellas, golf trolleys and carts, they smoothly passed on from one stage of the game to the next.

The spectators could watch them play from a special viewing terrace. The biggest crowd gathered to watch the extra time in stroke play gross score category between Jakub Żelazny, Patrycjusz Kowalski and Lech Sokołowski. It was a really thrilling sport event.

It was our first tournament, but the positive response we got from the golfers’ around the world proves that there is a huge demand for such events.  We spent the whole day on the golf course in a relaxed atmosphere. The weather and the attendance were awesome. I believe we will be able to hold  Mera Spa Golf  Cup regularly and to add new attractions to the existing formula. I wish this tournament could be a regular feature in the Pomorskie region calendar of events – says Krzysztof Szkarłat, the manager of Mera SPA, a golfer and the originator of the event.

The tournament ended with the award ceremony. The winners received the gift boxes and vouchers. The full list of contestants and their scores can be found here.

Mera Spa Golf Cup: massage sessions, workshops and luxurious cars

Apart from the tournament and The Golf Academy the event also featured the fashion show of a Polish designer – Olga Idzik (COCHO brand)  and her „Mera Spa by Olga Idzik” line as well as the preview of painting exhibition by Alicja Walczak, who was a participant of the first Polish edition of The Big Brother show.  The additional accompanying attractions were: beauty workshops with Maria Galland Paris brand, during which one could learn more about tips and tricks of daily skin care and to get a professional back massage session in the outdoor Mera SPA area.

While tasting the craft ice-cream from Gdańsk and Mumm champagne the visitors could admire the colourful display of the luxurious cars: a yellow model of Mercedes AMG C63, a grey AUDI Q8, a blue electric model of BMW I4 and a black BMW  SUV X7, thanks to the courtesy of the car dealership salons: My New Car and Bawaria Motors.

The diversified agenda of the event and the presence of premium brands were a promising beginning of its future editions. We hope to see you there next year!

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