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Luxury yachts manufacturing business is one of worldwide economic hallmarks of Pomorskie. Exclusive vessels designed and built in local shipyards can be found all over the world – from the Mediterranean, through the Caribbean, to the South China Sea.

There are two successful shipyards in Pomorskie that assemble vessels for the most demanding customers: Gdańsk-based Sunreef Yachts, and Straszyn-based Galeon. It is worth noting that there are more manufacturers in other parts of Poland, including Delphia Yachts Kot, Balt-Yacht, Ostróda Yacht, S-Yachts (Ślepsk), and Model-Art, all of which are considered to be among world’s best.

Sunreef Yachts is since 2002 world leader in design and manufacture of luxurious catamarans and super-yachts of 60 ft. and longer. The shipyard’s portfolio includes both sailing and motor yachts. The catamarans are long-range vessels, up to 3000 nmi; this means that one refueling will suffice for traversing the Atlantic.

Galeon has been on the market for more than 30 years. They specialize in construction of motorboats, and yacht up to 25 meters long. Their flagship product – the Galeon 780 Crystal yacht – has been designed by Tony Castro Yacht Design, one of the most esteemed yacht designers in the world.

Both shipyards have production halls and marinas at their disposal; this allows for the construction process – which lasts from several to more than a dozen months – to take place in one spot. This, in turn, means better quality control. At the same time, both shipyards cannot stress enough that despite implementing the state-of -the-art technical solutions, they still value Polish designs and concrete, Polish realization.

Nothing is impossible, and the only restriction is the scale of the yacht – say the manufacturers of exclusive vessels. Jacuzzi in the cockpit and the owner’s cabin, gym on the sun deck, or oriental linen imported from the other side of the world that will create a unique atmosphere in the yacht interior. The vessels are always equipped in accordance to the owner’s vision, therefore each yacht manufactured in the shipyards of Pomorskie is unique. Each vessel is also equipped, according to the latest trends, in top-notch gadgets, and latest navigational, electronic, propulsion, and remote control solutions.

The customers of the shipyards of Pomorskie are demanding individuals who value personalized design, and are aware of every vital characteristic of a yacht, such as good performance and long sea range.

Pomorskie-manufactured yachts are valued all around the world, and Polish quality has gained fans in different parts of the globe. In majority of cases, shipyards realize order of foreign markets – Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, as well as the US, Near East, China or Singapore.

Yachts that have been manufactured in Pomorskie can be seen during the most important events of the motorboating industry. Their presence during fairs in Cannes, Miami, or Singapore proves their being world leaders.


Sunreef Yachts

Doki 1, Gdańsk

phone.: + 48 58 769 77 77


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