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– We can feed you, we can dress you up, and we can decorate your apartment. We sometimes also help to fix the soul – say Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak. A charismatic couple of Gdynia-based designers finely combine fashion, design and… cuisine. They design clothes, decorate apartments, and are devoted to their passion, which is vegan food. They present it in TV shows, their YouTube channel, and cook books. You can also taste their vegan specialties in a dedicated food truck.

“Dress your soul” is the motto of Słoma&Trymbulak duet. They met 20 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. They form a couple both in professional, and private lives.

Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak are, most of all, fashion designers, as it all began with clothes. They actively co-operate with the City of Gdańsk, for which they create thematic collections on demand.

The capital city of Pomroskie ordered a collection to celebrate the 35th anniversary of signing the August Agreements in the BHP Hall of the Gdańsk Shipyard. They devised a very feminine, intriguing series of clothes from checkered shirts and overalls. This collection had strong ties to the times of the Polish People’s Republic. In 2012, on the other hand, fashion models with bags made of footballs cut in half walked along the catwalks. This is how Słoma & Trymbulak interpreted the grand sports event that Gdańsk had hosted, the UEFA Euro 2012 Cup.

But on-demand collections are not all. The couple’s eclectic style is popular among even the most demanding customers. A fashion studio where those clothes are designed and created is located in the Gdynia-based atelier of Słoma & Trymbulak. Skirts, trousers, jackets, and shirts – made from scratch or created from several other pieces of clothing, are always original and one of a kind. Słoma & Trymbulak simply love to mix styles and observe the outcome.

The couple is also famous for its openness when it comes to interior decoration. Breast board floors, or lampshades made from teacups. Cupboards? Those taken to the cellar years ago are the best; they are perfect for renovation and breathing new life in them. They also design furniture themselves. The designs are forwarded to carpenters who bring them to life. – We know what to do with things that break, things that are obsolete – says Jola Słoma.

Their house and studio in Gdynia Orłowo are also full of different things. It’s impossible to say when they will come in handy in the “designer recycling” process.

Although Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak emphasize their individual style of work, they always think about the people they are working for. Interior decoration always begins with meeting people who will live there, as well as getting to know their needs. Then, they explain how to select items, they direct their customers’s attention to details that create any particular place’s atmosphere. Their customers not only receive new interiors, but they also should be able to understand them.

For Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak, everything’s an inspiration. However, their crazy, eclectic style is full of harmony. They think that slow food is not only about eating, but general lifestyle. Always in haste, people should find time to reflect, understand themselves, as well as their surroundings.

Atelier Smaku Bytomska 36, 81-509 Gdynia, Polska https://ateliersmaku.pl/ info@slomatrymbulak.com + 48 501 155 238

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