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“It is a paradise for anyone who relies on innovation in their work” – this is what the people who run their offices in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park have to say about it. The distinctive building complex is the symbol of modern Gdynia, and a perfect place to develop creative business. It comes as no surprise that PSTP is called “Gdynia’s Silicon Valley”.

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is one of the vital centers of enterpreneurship support in Pomorskie. The complex with a total area of 80 thousand m2 is the workplace of several thousand people employed in several hundred companies.

The complex stretches along Aleja Zwycięstwa in Gdynia, between Redłowo and Wzgórze Świętego Maksymiliana districts. It is a characteristic compound, within which the most recent part, commissioned in 2013, is most distinctive. Semicircular, glazed segments attract attention from a distance. The design of the new section of PSTP, which refers to typical modernism of Gdynia from the 1920s and 1930s but at the same time combines tradition with modernity, is the pride of the dynamically developing city and of the entire region. The original architecture of PSTP was also noticed by experts who, in 2013, awarded the Building of the Year prize and a second degree medal to the compound’s design.

PSTP is an ideal space for anyone who relies on innovation, and development of new technologies and ideas. The interior is filled with offices full of working students, university graduates, scientists, enterpreneurs, inventors and businessmen. It is lively and full of inspiration, perfect for co-working and networking opportunities. Meetings, workshops, lectures and fairs connected with new technologies are organized on a regular basis. The Park is also a popular place among foreign enterpreneurs, who eagerly set up their offices here.

PSTP is the office location for companies such as Strefa Startup Gdynia, and Centrum Designu Gdynia that promotes designers from Pomorskie and supports initiatives connected with modern architecture and design. It is worth noting that Centrum Designu Gdynia is the organizer of numerous exhibitions and workshops, as well as the popular Gdynia Design Days, an event dedicated to latest urban space design trends, and applied arts.

However, PSTP does not only comprise offices, bio- and electrotechnological laboratories, prototype workshops, conference rooms and exhibition halls. The distinct, glazed building holds the Experyment Science Center, a real trait for those who prefer to learn through fun. Although the interactive exhibition has been dedicated to the youngest visitors, adults enjoy themselves, too. 3,500 square meters house four main exhibitions with 200 interactive stands, where visitors usually spend several hours. What makes this exhibition stand out is the accessibility to the exhibits – they can all be touched, moved and played with which makes the learning process much faster.

Experyment Science Center also offers three workshop rooms, where lectures for young and a bit older scientists take place as part of the Polish Academy of Kids. This place is open to both younger and older, and impresses with diversity and accessibility.

Who knows, how many of those young scientists visiting Experyment today will in future be shaping modern businesses in the neighboring offices of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park?

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98, Gdynia, Polska https://ppnt.pl/ biuro@ppnt.gdynia.pl +48 58 698 21 50

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