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Jacek Ostrowski has been creating jewellery for 20 years. When he founded his brand, Ostrowski Design, he couldn’t have imagined that in the near future his designs would be famous all around the world, and that one of them would even catch the eye of the German “Vogue”.

Ostrowski Design is a Gdańsk-based, family-owned jewellery brand that offers: wedding rings, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Most of them, designer and the creator of the brand, Jacek Ostrowski, makes in silver and gold, but sometimes he also experiments with crystals and colours, using acrylic or coloured resin. His favourite material however, is the Baltic amber, which he describes as “magical”.

Jewellery for elegant women in Ostrowski design

Jacek Ostrowski always admired modern design. That’s why, working with the material, he usually ends up with geometric shapes. The designer likes to break schemes, so his work represents experimental and risky combinations.

He fondly encases amber in silver forms, but lately more and more often he chooses gold. Regardless of the type of material, Ostrowski’s projects combines symmetry and minimalism. Jewellery from Ostrowski Design will appeal to modern women who appreciate simplicity, classics and some degree of crudeness, and who at the same time want to stand out. There are of course situations in which a customer comes with their own project, for which the designer doesn’t remain indifferent.

I enjoy encasing amber in geometric shapes the most, but I’m open to customer requests. A lady ordered a ring that had a special meaning for her. She wanted to keep the shape of amber that she had found on the beach. For her, I made an exception – says Jacek Ostrowski, smiling.

Amber time trap

Amber is a precious material that holds the memories of past generations. We are talking here not only about our closest ancestors, but the nearly 40-million-year-old history locked in even the tiniest splinter. It is not without reason amber is called the gold of the seas, and working with it is often referred to as magic.

Jewellery in Ostrowski Design in Gdańsk

I started my adventure with jewellery by working with amber. For me, amber is magical. Tens of millions of years trapped in one, tiny piece. Working with each piece you never know what you will find inside. Besides, I love the warm colour and plasticity. Anyone who loves amber, will know what I mean – says the owner of Ostrowski Design brand.

Gdańsk jewellery appreciated around the world

Designs by Jacek Ostrowski are popular in Poland, but mostly abroad. The designer has received numerous international awards, and his “Big Ring” appeared in the German edition of “Vogue” magazine. Jewellery can also be ordered online, even with shipping outside of Poland, or by visiting the designer in his studio in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, Do Studzienki 3/1.

Ostrowski design Do Studzienki 3/1, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.ostrowskidesign.pl/ officeostrowski@gmail.com + 48 692 460 025

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