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In the world of massive production the conscious consumers desire individuality. We want to emphasize our style, to mix with unrepeatable and original things. What we wear and what we are surrounded by is equally important to us. And Pomorski designers perfectly join originality and usefulness. Starting from exceptional furniture and ending with unforgettable bags – even the most exacting clients leave the place in delight.

Pomorski design is a synonym of creativity, modernity and usefulness. The designers, who make their masterpieces here, are fully aware of the fact that their products must be not only characteristic, but also functional. A bag may be an additional thing which is the core of the entire stylization, however, it should also be comfortable, handy and capacious enough to contain a lady’s necessary items.

Pomorski design in MiaMia

MiaMia specializes in manufacture of such bags. This is Sopot Extraordinary Bags Workshop founded by a duet of designers, Grażyna Radtke and Aśka Lewczyńska. Who can understand women’s tastes better? Obviously, Grażyna and Aśka themselves!

Therefore, in MiaMia atelier the process of bag creating starts with a conversation with a female client. What are her needs? What will she carry inside her bag? What materials she likes best? In which colour shadows she feels comfortable?

Only after the client’s needs and taste are verified and the materials and design – selected, the proper work over the bag begins.

MiaMia offers a rich diversity of patterns, textiles and designs

We can find bags to be carried for every occasion – ideal ones to be carried every day (with a space for laptop and two mobile phones) as well as those taken for a special occasion. Shoulder bags, clutch bags, classic models for physicians, trunks and sacks. Bags made of leather, ecologic leather, chiffon, lace, feathers and furs. Bags with chains, studs or sequins, with a characteristic metal frame or zipped. Bags in deep black, but also in illuminating colours.

Every bag is designed and adjusted for an individual client. Therefore, MiaMia never offers the same two bags – if the pattern is the same, the finish, lining or other details must be different.

MiaMia products are distinguished, first and foremost, by their esthetics and precision of manufacture, care for every detail and highly creative designs. The bags have personalities which focus on every woman’s individual lifestyle.

Pomorski design in Tabanda

When speaking about individuality one should obviously mention Gdansk furniture workshop – Tabanda, established by three designers, Megi Malinowska, Tomek Kempa and Filip Ludka. Their moto is ‘we design and manufacture cool things’.

Shelves, tables, chairs, lockers and wine racks – every piece produced by Tabanda is distinguished by such properties like minimalism and modernity beside simplicity and roughness. The pieces of furniture show geometric forms and distinct colours. They ideally suit the style-oriented clients’ tastes who seek original solutions indoors.

Majority of Tabanda designs base on wooden plywood and aluminum. The materials are durable, functional and easy in treatment.

The designers take an active part in the process of manufacture and always finish their products manually by themselves. And that is why the furniture gains individual features although it is produced in series.

The company seat itself is inspiring, too – the Royal Rifle Manufacture Plant situated in Gdansk Lower City. There you will find a modern office and interesting workshop.

Tabanda designers are more and more appreciated in the world of designers. They contributed to, inter alia, Tests’ Zone exhibition for Łódź Design Festival 2014 (for which they were awarded with the title of ‘Creator of 2014’ by Design Alive Journal) and interactive exhibition ‘Do It Your Way’ made in cooperation with Culture.pl and Ewa Solarz, who presented a wide range of Polish contemporary design at Milan Design Week 2015. And finally, together with Barlinek Wood brand and Design Alive Journal, they made ‘Stolarnia Zmysłów’ [‘Carpenter’s Shop of Senses’] exposition warmly accepted during this year edition of Łódź Design Festival.

Pomorski region attracts designers and creators from all over Poland, and even Europe. The developing cities, favourable conditions to develop a business and exceptional atmosphere make Pomorski region be one of the most creative and active regions in Poland.

Mia Mia Grunwaldzka 68, 81-771 Sopot, Polska https://miamia.fashion/ info@miamia.fashion +48 690 505 624
Tabanda Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, 81- 451 Gdynia https://www.tabanda.pl/ oferty@tabanda.pl +48 509 822 218

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