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Children aren’t the only ones impatiently waiting for Santa Claus. Oh, how much joy can a small gift from Santa bring to us, adults? Here are several ideas for special St. Nicholas’ Day presents. All of them with a regional flavour, created by our own, local artists, craftsmen, and miracle workers of handicraft. You can buy it at sklep.prot.gda.pl

A beautiful presents for St. Nicholas’ Day: amber jewellery, Christmas baubles, or ceramic art?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to handicraft, beauty comes from the item being unique. From being created first in someone’s mind, and then brought to life with the strength of their hands. In the times of mass production of  unnecessary, poor-quality items, a handmade Christmas bauble, ceramic plate, or a porcelain cup shine like diamonds.

Take a moment to admire porcelain mugs, cups, and plates with paintings by Magda Beneda. They also come with Christmas motifs. It’s a present that will be appreciated by people passionate about excellent coffee or tea. Beneda’s porcelain will infuse it with new, artistic qualities.

Holidays are coming. When we say “Christmas”, we think “Christmas tree”. And when we say “Christmas tree”, we automatically think “Christmas baubles”! You can be sure that such a present won’t go to waste – it will become part of someone’s Christmas tree very soon. To find the perfect Christmas bauble, we recommend you take a look at the assortment of the Kashubian workshop and gallery, Farwa. There, you will find Christmas tree ornaments in all shapes and colours. They all have one thing in common: Kashubian design.

Another excellent idea for a present is ceramics. We recommend you head to our partner’s website – Arbata Ceramics Workshop – and browse their merchandise. You can also buy the products through our Pomorskie Tourist Board online store. There, you will find, among others, Gdańsk themed cups, mugs with cobalt decorations or the characteristic centaury flowers, as well as platters, plates, and saucers.

Jewellery is another idea for St. Nichlas’ Day present. We strongly recommend investing in Baltic amber. The best way is to take a closer look at rings, necklaces, and bracelets manufactured by our Pomeranian designers – Ostrowski Design, Filimoniuk Design, and Patrycja Brendler. For more amber marvels, visit the Christmas Fair in the heart of Gdańsk.

A sweet treat: gingerbread, jam, or honey

Both children and adults love a sweet treat. And if we’re talking about hand made sweets, then the value of the gift goes up. Z sercem robione is a small company run by Agnieszka, who manufactures sweet gingerbread cookies. As she says, she puts her entire heart into her work, which makes the cookies not only delicious, but also beautifully decorated. The offer includes ready-made decorations, but you can also request a unique decoration. As we’ve already mentioned, these gingerbread cookies are little pieces of art, which you can first admire, and then devour.

If not gingerbread cookies, then what? Maybe honey or jam? We recommend sets prepared by Stefan Skwierawski from Tuchola Forest. They include linden, rapeseed, honeydew and multi-floral honey, as well as pollen. There are also different kinds of preserves: blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, chokeberries, cherries, or blackcurrants. Another place to get excellent honey is the apiary of Mr & Mrs Toporkiewicz, located on Miodowa 1 street in the town of Dzierzgoń. Zakwasownia is another place to get a sweet treat. Their website offers healthy chocolate and nut spreads, vegan truffles, sugar-free chocolate, plums in rum and chocolate, ceremonial cocoa, and many more. You can read more about honey, preserves, and other products from local manufacturers here.

Something healthy for St. Nicholas’ Day – herbs, sourdough starters, and tinctures

For more healthy presents, visit the already mentioned Zakwasownia, which offers a wide selection of items, from pickled foods to different kinds of sourdough, and other health boosters. Kaszubskie Zioła, a small, local company located in Studzienice also offers a comprehensive selection of healthy foods. They have put together different compositions of herbs, which make for excellent tea, as well as various types of vinegar, sourdough starters, and fortified beverages. Delivery from the online store has been temporarily put on hold, but the physical shop is open. We recommend you personally visit Studzienice to buy one of the special Christmas sets.

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