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What are the most popular cafés in the Tricity? There are definitely more than a few of them. Our subjective list of sweet spots comprises three addresses: UMAM in Gdańsk, LAS in Sopot, and Tłok in Gdynia They are all unique not only because they serve delicious coffee and home-made pastries that will make you drool, but also because they offer a unique experience. Tourists often visit them, and they are equally popular among the locals.

To grab a coffee and cake from UMAM is like visiting old friends. Friendly atmosphere, smiling staff, and the boss – a storyteller extraordinaire.  You don’t have to be particularly receptive to notice that this place was born out of culinary passion of its owner, Krzysztof Ilnicki. The master confectioner puts his heart into the creative process, which results in little pieces of art – flawless in forms and flavours.

I’d risk saying that what they do in UMAM is worth the king’s ransom. Not only because many of the pastries are decorated with 24-carat gold. Behind UMAM’s sweet treats are high-quality products and a wealth of experience that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

UMAM lets you enjoy a cup of the finest coffee, taste French macarons or sophisticated mini desserts. Cupcakes, tarts, pralines, chocolate with nuts and raspberries, or natural fruit jelly that comes in two flavours: lemon and raspberry.  Little fruit jellies called Pâté de fruits  are the new product and have become an instant classic. They’re still waiting for their Gdańsk-themed name.

All the pastries in UMAM are made from top-grade flour, fruit, and other unique ingredients, such as Belgian chocolate or vanilla from Madagascar. All treats, including the gluten-free ones, look stunning, and taste even better. The pear tart and the long maturing gingerbread from the Christmas offer are absolutely delicious. The gingerbread is full of the good stuff: chocolate and plum filling with loads of dried fruit and nuts. UMAM has prepared a special Christmas offer. You can already place orders for Viennese cheesecake, poppyseed cake, gingerbread, or poppyseed meringue with a lot of bourbon.

LAS stands out as a venue, not only in Sopot, but also in the entire Tricity area. It’s different from most traditional cafés that you can find in the area of Monte Cassino street. It’s inconspicuous at the first glance, but it immediately draws attention once you notice the details. Silver insulating foil that hangs in the doorway may scare you off in the beginning. After you come inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the raw, grey concrete walls. The minimalist decor, with vintage furniture, is compensated by numerous green plants. Everything looks as if it were waiting to be renovated. However, even the smallest scratch on the wall has been carefully thought over.

It’s undoubtedly a hipster café. It was designed by Asia Zastróżna The owner is a dietician and a lover of healthy lifestyle, Ewelina Dobosz. Currently, the master of Arabica coffee runs her café remotely from abroad. LAS has become popular, so the guests are there even in low season.  It’s especially busy during weekends, giving the staff plenty to do.

LAS is a tasty and healthy place that offers a wide range of sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free cakes. No wonder it’s loved by vegans. All the pastries are hand-made.  The offer includes apple pie, chocolate bar, tartlets, carrot cake, coconut cheesecake, and mango tart. You can also grab a cup of coffee (with a splash of milk of your choice: cow’s, oat, rice, or coconut), and order an alternative drip or chemex. In winter, you can treat yourself to a delicious sea buckthorn infusion, or hibiscus with orange and a rosemary twig. This place is renowned for the best turmeric milk in the Tricity. Turmeric milk, also known as golden milk, is a beverage that combines the advantages of turmeric and other healthy ingredients, such as coconut and nut oils.

It’s a small, inconspicuous place in an alley adjacent to Świętojańska street. It looks so ordinary that if it weren’t for my friend’s recommendation, I would’ve probably never visited it. I came by on a Saturday noon for their famous cinnamon rolls. Sadly, they were already out of stock.

Before I took a look at the deal of the day, I managed to notice that the name is appropriate. “Tłok” means crowd, or rush, in English. And crowded it was! All the tables were taken, and the space was filled with numerous patrons. They say that every day looks like this. It’s a place for friends, mothers and daughters, and lovebirds alike. They come by for a cup of traditionally or alternatively brewed coffee, and for home-made cakes.

There are always plenty to choose from, but the cheesecake is the true constant. It’s a speciality of the house that has several variants. These include: Basque cheesecake, honey cheesecake, and lavender cheesecake. Whether with white chocolate or with halva, they will make you ask for more. Tłok also offers other sweet treats: apart from the already mentioned cinnamon rolls, there are also cardamom rolls, creamy mini tofu cheesecakes, brioches with salted milk chocolate, and Japanese poppy-seed cake. There are, of course, vegan pastries, too. Tłok has also a Christmas offer for you. You can make one, or all of the sweet choices: cheesecake, pistachio cake, fruitcake, vegan cheesecake, vanilla cashew cheesecake, poppy-seed cake.

The café moved from Poznań a couple of years ago. The added value of this place is its artistic character. The owners, Klaudia and Michał, support young creatives and lend them space for presenting their graphic art and posters. Tłok cooperates with Gdynia Film Festival and Gdynia Design Days.

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